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Poem Corner

You can submit your poems by sending them in an e-mail (use the feedback link on the front page), the latest poems are added at the bottom of the page

Untitled by Alanis
My Friend by Stacey Lynn Medina
Secrets by Anonymous
Andrea by Anonymous
The Forest by Anonymous
Darkness Unremoved by Stardrifter
What They Do For You by Anonymous
In The AM by Stephanie Ray
Pale Sunshine by Kyle
She's Not That by Howard
Sour Apple by Anonymous
Untitled by Black Cat
Where Would Life Be Without Me by Peter Nurman
Only Lies by Pamela Jensen
Senseless by Jack Deets
Untitled by Stefanie
Untitled by Maíra Carmo Marquez
Untitled by Mel
Rain by Davin
Canvas by Caitrin
Ugly Duckling by Caitrin
Solitude by Caitrin
Untitled by ???
A Supermodel by Jennifer
Untitled by Laura
Help me by Alexander
Untitled by J.S. Bernard
The Path To Freedom by Pamela Jensen
Unkown Watcher by Danielle Schultz
Excused With A Smile by Katrina Lucido
Timeless by Shaun Paull
Breathe by Erik Williams
Black Butterflies by Adam Davies
The Desert Of Hallucinations by Shaun Paull
Global Tranquillity by Shaun Paull
Pebbles On The Road by Shaun Paull
Untitled by Peter Nurman
Untitled by Andrew Butler
Untitled by Warren
Untitled by Warren
I Feel by Rachel
Untitled by Jim Boucher
My Shadow by Andrea Hebert
Pain by Sebastien Bellerive
Untitled by Serena
Untitled by Serena
My Only Comfort by Kevin Mather
Why? by Maggie Hall
Untitled by Dennis R Seals
From a Friend by Helen
Sappy Love Mistake by Sansa
4U by Patricia Brown
2 Faces by Cee Jay
Untitled by Salomé Ribeiro
To be Here by Howard
Unfigured by Cass
You Were by Jed Tallo
Suddenly Strange by Jed Tallo
Perfect by Sammie Dimick
Untitled by Cebarner@aol.com
I Still Do by Natalie Leger
Dream? by Cee Jay
G (Male Symbol/Mars Symbol) by Stella
Once Again by Denisse
Confidence And Lies by Joey
For Your Birthday by Myst
Untitled by Vince Rodier
Untitled by Wendy
As The Days Go By by Michael Malloy
Echoes by Cristina Pereira
Attention Needed by "Zephrum"
Personal Punching Bag/Supposed Love by "Zephrum"
If I Could by Mirja Timm
Digging In Too Far by David Armenta
Where's Stefanie Gone? by David Lovett
Enlightenment by Jonathan Sari
Lipstick Bruises by Tiana
Untitled by Monika Martinez
For Jack by Merihall
Alanis Morissette by Toni Hone
Whatever by Sheila Moran
Axis by A.G.
Untitled by Angela K. Dyson
BardVark by DoVe
Untitled by Brooke Watson
Men by Vanessa Curvello
Letter by Vanessa Curvello
Use Your Tears by Vanessa Curvello
Cycle Of Life by Dawn Sanders
She Speaks by Cass
Liar by Zephrum
I've Laid Here & There/Numb Me by Zephrum
Untitled by Terri
Untitled by Terri
Strength by Joanna
Alanis by Zephrum
I Will by Zephrum
His Life by Zephrum
Untitled by Terri
Untitled by Mike
2002 by F W Pratt
Pseudo Grown-Up by Carolina Gonzalez
Reflection Of My Imagination by Carolina Gonzalez
The Society Anxiety by Tracy Smith
Thank You by Rachel Cunningham
Why I'm Really Here by Zephrum
Nostalgia by Luci
Words I'll Never Say by Zephblue
Roman by Zephblue
Too High Up Here by Irony
Serenity Sought by Irony
Will Love You Always by Peter Nurman
Untitled by Todd
In This Moment by Donna Bates
I Want To Live In Peace by Denilson
Peace And Awareness by Donna Bates
Misty Eyes by Amber
She Is by Pas
Our Graduation Day by Nadia
It Makes A Difference by Diana
Untitled by Gary
The Shape Of Sadness by Pablo
So Hard To Tell by B.B.
Goodbye by Zephrum
To See You Smilin' by Zephrum
The Hero by Serge
Catastrophe by Huewe
My Best Friend by Denilson
Plenty Of Days Where I Forget Your Name by Zephrum
Untitled by Zephrum
Hands Free by Leilani
Nothing That You Seemed by Donna L Bates
Best Of Us by Zephrum
Bathsheba Waterfalls by Charanita Witty
Dear Dear by Jamesrox
Pink Umbrella by Steve Jovanoski
Untitled by Xavier
Songless by Annie C
Invitation To Light by Annie C