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Because when we first met, my heart skipped a beat;
Because I got in too deep, too fast.
Because we would talk deep into the night;
Because it will never happen again.
Because we grew so close, so soon;
Because we weren't as close as I thought.
Because I couldn't just keep my mouth shut;
Because you couldn't just give me an answer.
Because I thought that it would really happen;
Because I found out I was wrong.
Because you held my hand that night;
Because you gave it back and took hers.
Because I gave my heart to you;
Because you took it, but denied me yours.
Because you truly didn't mean to hurt me;
But you did.

by Maggie Hall


Roses are red
birds can fly
I like you Alanis
Idont know why

by Dennis R Seals

From a Friend....

Don't grieve for me,for now I'm free,
I'm following paths god made for me,
I took his hand, I heard him call,
then turned and bid farewell to all

I could not stay another day,
to laugh, to love, to sing, to play,
tasks left undone must stay that way,
I found my peace at close of day.

And if my parting left a void,
then fill it with remembered joy,
a friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss
all these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened deep with sorrow,
I wish you sunshine of tomorrow,
My life's been full, I savoured much,
Good friends, good times, a loved ones touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief,
don't lengthen it now with undue grief,
life up your heart and share with me,
God wants me now, he set me free.

by Helen

Sappy Love Mistake

Here's another speech you'd wish i swallow
Another cue for you to fold your ears
Another train of thought too hard for you to follow
Chugging along to the sound of train that will follow
Please forgive me for my distance
The pain is evident in my existence
Please forgive me for my distance
The shame is manifest in my existence
To your & mine
Sappy love mistake

by Sansa


Life will not stop just cuz you're scared
If you stop
you're non-life... your numb
trying so desperately to "get by" without feeling
Nothing looks clear.... (clean the window)
feel. love. soar. create. explore.
Don't just exist
run to what you don't know....
not toward the expected failure just because it's expected
Conquer. FLY.
The scariest thing you can do is accept what's offered unconditionally
Trust. trust me.
Scary because of what could be lost
Worth it because of what could be not lost
Her it sits...... untouched
for you....don't be afraid....chances are worth it
it IS unconditional.

1/17/2000 (you said "so pure" was written for me...this is 4u)

by Patricia Brown

2 Faces

You tie me to the open window,
And hide me from the light.
You parade me to the world you see,
Yet keep me out of sight.
You tell me things when were alone
And silence when ears are listening
You unmask yourself when no ones watching
And hide for eyes that see
With invisible chains you bound me
With a key I can not find
And a lock that can not be broken
With a heart that that's out of reach
Yet you relace me when you need me
Then to the cage when the my work is done
Like a prisoner I sit and wait
To be taken and used again
Called upon when needed
And thrown aside when done
Like a rag doll I sit
With the attention I hunger for
That sweet taste of appreation

by Cee Jay


Se teus cabelos falassem,
que teriam eles para me contar?...
Histórias de sonho e paixão,
todo aquele mundo de ilusão
em que gostas de morar.

Ah! Se teus cabelos pudessem falar,
que teriam eles para me dizer?...
Histórias de derrota e desilusão,
de todo aquele mundo
em que não gostas de viver.

Mas teus cabelos não falam
e nada me podem contar...
e então todas essas histórias
acabam na memória
de quem não quer desabafar.

by Salomé Ribeiro

To Be Here

i watch you shed your oceans conventionally
i watch your tissues fill to the top
i watch you bow in the prescense of the family
i watch you stand in desperation
i hear you stumbling on words
i hear you complimenting on me
i hear you calling back for the lost one
i hear you rumbling the room

but how this is mental peace
and how beautiful it is to listen
yes how great it is to rendezvous
amazing it is to be here

i listen to your telling of the stories
i listen to your remembrances, your lit incenses burning
i listen to your communications to me, to them
i listen to your youth speaking
i look at the pictures of memory
i look at the uncharmed ones frown
i look at the bitter ones unable to stand
i look at the lonely items untouched for now the world

but this soothing silencer
and this averted climb from darkness
yes how fine it feels to see them
terrific it is to be here

by Howard


Unfigured ??? Unfigured ??? don't you mean disfigured ??
--No, I don't. I'm saying Unfigured....aren't I ???
Yes, you are. Who is unfigured ???
--HER !!!!
who is her ???
--you know ....her.............
No, I don't know HER !!!
--She is the real life of words. She is her. Her is she. She who can take innocent peaceful words and make them evil and guilty, and, she who can take pure evil and turn them into innocence itself. As I said, HER !!!
Oh.....her !!!! but, why, why unfigured ??
-- because, people think they know her, they think they know what she is saying, but they don't, not at all.
But, what make you think you know ?
-- I just do, and anyway, i don't think I know, I know ........I know
Why does it even matter ???
-- it does, it matters more than you will ever realize
Why do you say that ???
-- not to offend you, but you don't have the capacity of words to realize.
not to offend you ??? do you think that's some kind of compliment ??
--no, I think it's the truth
You and your truth and idealistic ideas, there all a load of crap. You and your words.
-- yeah, me and the words she says, the word she mands. Not my words, not mine. HERS
This conversation isn't going anywhere..you know that ??? don't you ????
-- of course I do, I couldn't every go anywhere with you. Probably not with anyone. Except........her !!!!

by Cass

You Were

you were the wind that lifts me high
and the light in the darkness
you were the stars that shine at night
and the voice of my happiness

you were the sun that shines my day
and the lyrics of my song
you were my jester who is gay
and my oak tree who is strong

you were the pedestal i stood on
and the ground on my feet
you were the rope that i hang on
and the vessel that led my fleet

you were the buried treasure i found
and my genie who grants my wishes
you were my hope who is always around
and picked the broken pieces

by Jed Tallo

Suddenly Strange

white to black
day to night
summer to winter

all seems strange
from the moment the birds flew
fairytale turned nightmare

the tree seems withered
and the sky starts crying
flying high then falling down

the gusts are strong
and the sun barely shines
loaf turned stone

the sea seems calm on the surface
but turbulent waves are below
nice and lean turned sick and twisted

by Jed Tallo


Everything looks good on her
Everyone likes her
She's too perfect
She's creative
She's beautiful
She's nice to everyone
Anything she wears looks good
She's perfect.
I despise her for that

by Sammie Dimick


she walks a pusuasive walk on the cat walk
she cannot be the her that she is she cannot be herself
she sucks in her tummy hoping someone would notice her and make her feel like
the one, the one true person shes always wanted to be

she cant hide herself
everyone sees her
starring at her
watching her
as she walks down the cat walk
is she afraid
is she worried
lets ask her how she feels....
after she threw up breakfast.

lets ask her family how they feel ...
after the years of struggling trying to make her realize that everyone loves

she cant see the "something" inside her only,only what she hates

by Cebarner@aol.com

I Still Do

That night you hurt me,
That night i forgived you.
The next day you thank me,
The next day i hated you.

My heart couldn't take,
So i forgot.
Your heart couldn't break,
So you called.

To say you loved me,
To say you cared.
I said i loved you,
I said i cared too.

I still do...

by Natalie Leger March 2000


Why do I feel I know you?
Like we have met here once before
That we knew eachother
Long ago
Yet the time and place
I have forgotten
That you to me where once important
And life could never be without you
That when I looked into your eyes
I saw nothing else that mattered
Yet time and space tells me
That this is not true
That I had never known u
And that this was all a lie
But the feelings of innuendo
That my mind and sole give me
Tell me something different
It is something that I can't reach out to
Something I can not touch
I can't explain this feeling
This yearning for the truth
I want to get know u better
For time tells me I know nothing
And that this feeling I have
Of shared past experiences
Is nothing but a dream
I turn to time and space and tell them
That if this is just so
Then I shall never want to wake
And fine that I am alone
I want to be here
With my someone
The one I believe I know
And never feel that I will lose him
This one that I belong to
When I dream

by Cee Jay

G (Male Symbol/Mars Symbol)

O man, Adam, Adonis
Caught up in your masculinity and virilty,
Of you delusions of what manhood is.
Your smell, your sex.
A right divinely yours.
Of woman, Eve, Aphrodite,
You think she is to be sought and plundered as an animal.
You crave, little knowing you are unfulfilled because we are.
Your sweet talk and lithe tongue being part of your hunt,
and we fall to it as the gazelle falls to a poisoned arrow.
The bars and clubs, your modern hunting ground,
oblivious to the fact that we are there for fun;
just as the doe comes out of the woodlands
into the clearing, to drink from the stream,
to enjoy the sunlight and the company of the 'fish'.
You misconstrue our gaiety.
We are merely an ornament to be displayed at your leisure,
and later our skins will adorn your bed.
Little do you realise what you are doing to us,
Slowly you distort, mutilate and vandalise all we have.
Soon we realise we have become prey,
so we turn to the only defense we have;
We become bitter to eat.
We become brash and flagrant.
Because, as the Lion, it is only the young, the delicate, the helpless that you pursue.
Those who have survived the chase have become flaccid and hackneyed.
You don't enjoy seeing what you enjoyed making;
The bow-legged and flat-backed.
I shall laugh at you now, and gather my sisters around me.
You will always use and abuse.
But I shall be there to stick the pieces back together.
I have found my Father-figure now.
I have found the person who not only hears but listens.
I have sought the man who my intelligence can see,
And I have found that man.
That man is me.

by Stella

Once Again

Once again I am alone
Reaching for someone to hold
I feel desperate and undone
This pain has gotten worse
There's no where for me to run
No where to call my home
Who will listen to my words?

I thought I knew who I was
But I found out I am lost
In this sea of the un-love
All I have is a desperate soul
Reaching out to no ones arms
Pealing layers of reject
God knows I've been betrayed

But once again I'm here
With my old companion fear
I'm reaching out for someone to calm me down
For that reason to believe
The light I see in others
But only darkness grows here
Once again is caving in
It feels like a disease
Slowly taking over me

by Denisse

Confidence And Lies

I have to learn how to breathe again
After he confessed to me what he's done
what i knew of him has become faded and worn
And to think a wonderful entity like him would end it all because
he can't cope
He tells me
I made it better but i really don't know
he thinks he's disappointed me
that's not true
but i'm hiding the truth from everyone
I can't tell them what he did
maybe i'm being too silent
and they think something's wrong
with me
all i know is
the darkness is closing in
frightening me
and the only one i can confide in
is him

by Joey

For Your Birthday

(For your birthday I wish you...)
That the sun may fondle you all day,
that the birds may sing for you,
that the postman may bring you heaps of wishes,
that your toast mayn't get burnt.

That you are not late for the job,
that someone may make a present of flowers to you,
that the others may offer for you,
that the water of your bath mayn't cool off.

That the soap may not fall on the floor,
that "that somebody" may tell you: "I love you",
that many people may discover you're exceptional,
that you may have thousands of days like this one.

That your desires may be realized,
and that you may spend a beautiful day.

by Myst


Hold on tight
cause everything will be alright
i'll make sure of that
don't lie to me
i know you're scared
just give me a chance
and i'll show you i cared
let me prove myself to you
i'll make you happy

by Vince Rodier


take me down with you
drown me in your misery
lay your burrdens on me
beg me to accept you hide
your secrets deep inside
let me keep believing you are god.

rotting decaying
slap me
i am dying hurting
begging salvation
black nothing
save me
i am losing fighting
seeking forgiveness
hurting aching
receive me
i am crying breaking
searching love
begging pleading
hear me
i am nothing a void
wanting redemption.

by Wendy

As The Days Go By

As the days go bye I will always cherish your loving touch, your loving voice.
As the days go bye I will keep all the things you gave me.
I will make sure to keep-in-touch and keep all the grand advice you give me,
I will keep it close.
I will make sure to try me hardest and not give up.
After all the encourgment that you have provided me with, how could I ever
give up. And even at the moment of your death I will keep all of your loving things
you have gave me close.

by Michael Malloy


Search in blue,
Search in black,
search in everything I have,
But I don´t find,
this who I am
who I pretend to be.

And in the mask
I hide behind
My many selves
are taped and carved
there´s no escape
I´d run away

In my cage I crawl
can take no more
wild spirit set me free
you´re my last hope,
I can see

And in my last attemp
to get away
my wilderness
begins to fade.

I feel so weak
my shell just melt
I start to cry
and light is death.

And hopes are wrapped
around cotton clouds
unreal they start
and so will end.

The only that remains
when life gets to its end,
a flash comes from the past
and brings back to my mind
the echoes of my life.

by Cristina Pereira (2000)

Attention Needed

never be4 with these intentions have i enjoyed a one nite stand, so many
regrets, the pain has now set in, a made whore i feel, 'cause i am fooled by
cheap talk, lies, & promises, I gathered my clothes, wiped my mouth,
scrubbing my face, trying to find the real me...I've done this (wrong)
Some attention is all i needed...

by "Zephrum"

Personal Punching Bag/Supposed Love

Here in this moment with blows to my face, i could realize
how i could be so selfish & not cater to your needs...
i now see the results of your anger on my body, I am marked-purple with
punches to my legs & back.
( because this is your love, this is your madness, this is your childhood)
Do you have so many regrets, "do u wish now i was gone because i do"
So pleeze, not in front of the kids, not in front of my parents, not in
Supposed --"I am sorry", when u force your way onto me in the middle of the
nite.... but i cannot blame u....
(because this is your love, this is your shame, this is your confusion, this
is your blame, this is your way to teach me right, but i cannot blame u, i
still love u..... this is my pain, this is my suppsoed love)...

by "Zephrum"

If I Could

if there would be a way for me
to explain my thought making everybody understand
would I like it?
if they would be okay with me
and my silent days and my brain in a twister
could I stand it?
do I just want them to understand or do I want them to help me too?
I dont know
yeah, maybe so........
if I could ask them how they feel
would I like the answer
could I stand the answer
do I really wanna know?
do they really wanna know?
here you got me thinking again
here you got me trying again
I would stop it
if I could.......
but if I could
would I?

by Mirja Timm

Digging In Too Far

If I reach
Would there be any offerings
If you're so sucluded with yourself
What makesme think I won't lie empty
You say
Temptation isn't where you think
Then what's the use
In saying it in one meaning
Why can't I tell you
The way I want to believe
I can't help if what I want
Sometimes seems demanding
I know it looks blurry
But sometimes I get fogged
Still, somewhere inside me
Is someone I almost forgot

Don't stay mad
At my own denials
Stop helping me discover
Life doesn't always have to be a trial
Snap out of it
It's always been this way
Leave it where it belongs
Just wait a few days
I'm ready to shed
And start searching for who I am again
Just say it will be good
No one said it had to be sane

What do I do
If no one appreciates
I can't go beyond what I want to be
It's the creations you want to make
Are you Still listening??
Then why are your eyes looking around??
Does it seem uncomfortable
Seeing exactly what you've found
Make me cry
And show me you still have emotions
Nothing is ever far fetched
Nothing is ever dumb
Why is it so hard
To talk directly to you
When you is me
And this is just what I do

by David Armenta

Where's Stefanie Gone?

I have stared into a face of innocence stolen

Rejected purity replaced by indulgence

Taunted by silence
i constantly rape the gift of speech to spread my own propaganda
In humour i seek refuge from calamity

by David Lovett


Four feet shifting sands
Brilliant light splits the darkness
Inner peace awaits

by Jonathan Sari

Lipstick Bruises

synchronized was the time you kissed my ass
I'm living you up for the 10th time
typical isn't it. You always held your breath for me..
and all you would do is sit and repeat
that one favorite line you claim was on a juice box
"I took a dive as I buried myself alive"
your words to unsure to convey
you claimed that was what made you tilt
that chronic feeling that is guilt
sympathizing with your mother
even she said sorry to the world
to apologize on both knees
now that my friend is what made you famous
being sincere came as a sport
the captain of the team
i like to swim in the winter
gives me a reason to melt
soaring through that sky
the one you shot down cause it didn't bend
i sent myself a message 3 years from tomorrow
something about the elevator not closing
oh well...the birds still chirp
quack quack went the sheep
I never claimed to be typical
so you mailed me to your neighbor
he said I was catchy like anthrax
and twice the price
you told me I was yellow
you told me it was wrinkled
but I say orange
the Tropicana type
yes my 3 year triumph biggest regret
leave me happy with a gun to my head
chapped he was..
i remember his bitter taste
Armani was always so sour
and i remember the brand he uses
he left me there with lipstick bruises

by Tiana


I chose this semi-controversy
In our hour's shade
And severed all ties
For to ask one question
Sought to scribe my emotions
On your open mental
Alert for just one answer
But consumed with the menacing doubt
Or should I lift my head up high
Or simply lay down to die
Because you're a tointed sweetness
Who I am aware of beneath the surface
And know your AinSophAniz
And taste the salty tears of your eyes
Lost but found within you
Qualities I can relate to
A figure of blinding beauty
An astral sea of heavenly intent
And with care can see beyound the skin
And to me but a deep gracefulness within
My heart blossoms in your affirmation
I swear this is LOVE not infatuation.

by Monika Martinez

For Jack

I hope you understand why I can't say this in words
But I guess I don't want them to be heard
At least not coming from me

Because you see me standing in the corner
Trying to get with the crowd
And they're all saying you're weird

So I guess that makes me yellow
So I guess you'll never know
A poem on a website
not that romantic

You are so quiet
I wish knew what went on in that head of yours
it's probably something like what is in mine.

Struggling to keep my head up
Above a sea of vindictive laughs
And sometimes I fail
So I am sorry

But I guess you'll never know

by Merihall

Alanis Morissette

Alanis strides across the stage.
Sometimes full of peace.
Sometimes full of rage.
With lots of emotions to release.

Her talent never fails to cease.
Playing the harmonica,
or the drums.

Her talent never fails to stun.
Selling countless amounts of music.
Winning handfuls of awards.
Always having fun.
She's my idol.
A real fiery,
but peaceful gal.
Don't label her.

Till you know her.
You might get a surprise.
Because deep inside her loud exterior,
Is a spiritual woman.

Just wanting to express her emotions.

by Toni Hone, age 14


Well I thought I would be a mother
And I am not
I felt like I would marry
I have not
Some of things allude me
Some are not meant to be
Whatever the means…whatever it means……

I've tried hard to be right
I have tried to be strong…..
It is hard, it aint easy
But I must go on

Oh but how to go
Where to go
I have enough regret
To fill the ocean
I have enough sorrow
I thought I could get away
Away from all of this
Whatever this is……whatever it means

by Sheila Moran


This sensation is bittersweet bliss;
Controlled by your soul - not your head.
Treason against reason;
Disengaged from the logic you dread.

But now what can stimulate you?
Are you destined for pursuits of the heart?
Endlessly fatigued by accomplishing a deed,
That was not even required to start.

There’s no width to the threshold of life,
No edge to dubiously hang from.
Just the bleak promise of a blue abyss,
And a pendulum, which will swing you anon

by A.G


You're so untouchable
Yet I've got my arms wrapped around you
You're so impenetrable
Yet I've pierced your thick skin through

You're so unloveable
Yet I adore every ounce of you
You're so unbelievable
Yet I've held all you say as true

You're close to kin and next to me
Isn't this against the rules?
You're close to him and inside me
Am I just your puppet fool?

You're so unthinkable
Yet thoughts of you plague me
You're so unreachable
Yet I've pulled you into me

Who are you anyway?
Whose side are you on?
He's a friend to all, they say
But then where do I belong?
With these secrets and lies, your flippant behaviour,
I should be running for the door
But your habitual apathetic nature
Keeps me running back for more

You're close to kin and next to me
Isn't this against the rules?
You're close to him and inside me
Am I just your puppet fool?

by Angela K. Dyson


You wanted me to be perfect, but you never said it out loud.
It was strung through all the words you never said. The worst kind of silence.
I couldn’t be perfect, but I tried.
And I cried myself to sleep with your disappointment weighing down on my shoulders.
Sometimes I couldn’t breath, it hurt so much in my chest.
Without limits, expectations, I could fly away, become beautiful like a dove, and define my own perfection as I painted the sky.
But I’m here, in my cage, only looking at the outside through a pain of rose-colored glass.
The bars are guided, you’ve painted my prison with gold, but even sparkling in sunlight it’s ugly to me.
Sometimes I think the sunlight through the windows is the only real thing in our house.
But how do I know? I’m not like you. What I know, what I think, what I believe, it could all be wrong. I’m not that perfect; I’ve failed to be so.
But sometimes looking through the guided bars, I see perfection through the clouds briefly,
and I want to be there, where perfection is imperfection and beauty, where your bars and expectations can’t hold me.

by DoVe


wrong, wrong, wrong. lost is the way i feel.
surrounded i am drowning a sea of you.
hold back move on. be strong you know you have too.
kiss. let bliss be the guide for a while. time out
you don't need this.
let go just flow. backseat can be comfy.

middle of the night. hold tight. while the sheets
crinkle beneath you.
is this what loves supposed to be?????
lost your innocence your childhood.
is that's good ???
a discission we all have to make.

take time you'll be fine. if he loves you so much
he'll wait.
mother and father have nothing to do with this.
all up. all done. this is your life have some fun.
just make sure its not dangerous.

in the end its just you my friend. no regrets. no
mistaken memories.
take time. think twice. don't listen to their
advice. your decisions your own and nobody else.
be a man front up. i don't believe in bad luck. life
is only what you make it.

by Brooke Watson


I won't probably survive from the relationships
I'll have all my life long
Men is not a trouble to me
the trouble is how I handle this...
They give me a laugh,
I trust them
I run to the man who had comforted me
when I get astonished
with myself
with another man
or lost my breath, my faith
or when another man had scared me
the man say "friend"
I give him my secrets (and my secret lovers)
and I give him things I will never get back

by Vanessa Curvello


we cannot find enough reasons to explain
why we weren't together in our teen years...
it's cold day but in your house, our words,
our smiles heat us
you were talking about how we had driven our lives:
different paths
but the same complicity
you were laughing...
you were so beautiful
we both know we could take a long time to talk
about my - as you used to say -"serious subjects"
or about any fool anything
or just to face each other
(for a long time I wished I could do it once more in my life)
we don't feel shame to see ourselves this way
I actually love your eyes
when you feel that my eyes are on yours
when you give me a big shame-shining smile (you see through me; you comfort me)
I'd like to say: I'm freezing, hug me...
- I won't probably say it -
so I imagine what you may say: I knew you needed it!
let's speak about our weakness about life about our mistakes
we need each other since we were twelve!
now you're next to me
I lie down on your living roon and look to the ceiling...
and I think and let my thoughts fly away while I was listening you...
forgive me!
'Cause in a little while I tought of you over me when I was laid down your living roon like this...
'Cause at this moment I tought you were mine.

by Vanessa Curvello

Use Your Tears

Use your tears when you want calm your pain
Use your questions when you need to find explications
Use your backyard when you need to stay alone
Use pen and paper when you want throw your sorrow away
Use your smile when you want to make someone happy
Use your heat when you hold someone you love
Use your creativity when you don't know what you can wear
Use your time off when you want just have fun
Use your mistakes when you want to learn more
Don't use shoes when you're walking on the beach sand
Don't use thoughts when you're falling in love
Don't say the day is not beautiful just because it's raining
Don't use words when you want express your love
Don't feel lonely because you have a friend

by Vanessa Curvello

Cycle Of Life

i now think i'm realizing
who i am and why i am here
in the past i have been
so closed up
i could not even imagine what i know now
i do belive in God
while hell isn't for real
heaven is here on earth
we all will live forever
as we circle through
the cycle of life
i am not scared of death
because no one ever really dies
their body just dies
i know we will meet again
as we circle through
the cycle of life

by Dawn Sanders

She Speaks

She speaks truth
And on the road to reconcilation she helps me
Aids me with her words

"How do you know my torment?
Why do you speak my thoughts with your tongue?
Where were you when I screamed with anger
You were there
And as you screamed, I screamed with you
And who did this to you?
Who made you scream and who wounded you the way the
wounded me?
Why do we dwell together in self pity?
Or is it self pity when we had no control?
But did we have control?
And is it the ever-two-sided story?
"Two sides to every story" they say
But they say alot
And only you say what I know
I hear you"

by Cass


I'd be lying if I said I didnt love you anymore,
I'd be lying if I didnt want to sleep with you again,
I'd be lying to myself, when I knew you had slept with him, him, & him...
Your lies, your face from when tears fall..
I dont even listen to you anymore.
Your touch, the embrace, it doesnt even feel the same anymore.
From day one, I have no regrets, except when I met you,
When I handed you my number,
When I said the word "MORE" in the moment in this supposed bliss called SEX,
When I was lonely & took you back, when I was so sorry..
I'd be lying if I didnt take up every sexual advance made,
I'd be lying to them & blam the purple bruses on myself,
I'd be lying if I didnt love you anymore,
I'd be lying to myself if I didnt except the quilt, blame & shame..

by Zephrum

I've Laid Here & There/Numb Me

I've laid here & there with my back towards you,
-hoping it would numb me..
This is my way of attention,(SEX)
This is how you can get to know me better,
So hold me down and forget who Iam..

A man made whore Iam..
Wipping away your semen, when I can still taste your dick in my mouth..
I feel sore and broken, cold and tired, confused and relieved
because I came.. I came all over myself.

I've laid here & there with my back towards you,
-hoping it would numb me..
This is my way of attention,(SEX)
This is how you can get to know me better,
So hold me down and forget who Iam..

by Zephrum


Today is far away from yesterday,
but will soon be the same distance from tomorrow.
So take your time, but then hurry up,
At least you won't regret those things you never did.
The wisest are those who follow dreams,
but also take things in their stride.
Some say that every good thing needs a plan,
How do you know without trying?
You don't! You CAN succeed.

by Terri


She's proved that she can do it,
but now we have the chance.
A single at 11, a great straight 'A' grade student,
Alanis at this moment, lives a life of her dreams.
She's proven it can be achieved,
for that she's to be applauded.
So next time all you, her fans, are in the deepest doubt,
Just close your eyes, hold that thought, your dreams are fixed upon a star.
You can be what you want to be,
You my friend can change your stars.
Whatever your hopes and dreams may be,
You may feel they are out of reach, as are the stars.
But this is not entirely true,
You can change your future and do what you want to do.
Or, you do not want to change your stars, lead a different life?
For some that's true, so stand your ground, tall and proud, thank God you're alive.

by Terri


I have a strength deep inside me
It moves me in the right direction
It wraps in it's guiding arms
And from my pain offers me protection

It's not a word
Or a face
It's a song
That fills me with it's grace

This song is sung
By a heart so pure
It's heavenly chords
Is the powerful cure

by Joanna


Happy when she sings me a song
Cried 'cuz she said it was OK...
She told me never to censor my tears
She'll love me if im perfect, & I'll try a little harder.
I want to be transpaent as she is..
Me & her a stranger to each other
This is the only kinda love as we understand it, that there really is

by Zephrum

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