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Here you'll find interviews and articles about Alanis. If you have ANY interviews or articles, please feel free and e-mail them to me (use the feedback link at the bottom of the front page), no matter how old they are. From now on the newest articles are always the ones on top of the list. Due to the way articles are submitted to me I sometimes can't reference them properly. In that case I put down the person who submitted it as the reference.

Alanis and Ryan Call It Quits (added 27 February 2007)
Alanis Becomes US Citizen (added 18 March 2005)
The Write Stuff (added 18 March 2005)
Alanis Celebrates 10th Anniversary of JLP (added 22 January 2005)
Jagged No More(added 22 January 2005)
Christmas Wedding? (added 29 November 2004)
No Rush To The Altar (added 29 November 2004)
Alanis and Homo-experimentation (added 6 September 2004)
Alanis offers peek into Ottawa condo (added 6 September 2004)
The Solipsisters Sing Out Once Again (added 23 May 2004)
Exclusive "Feast On Scraps" DVD Review (added 25 February 2003)
Alanis Extends Hand Of Friendship To Lavine (added 18 February 2003)
Alanis Coy About Boy Toy (added 25 September 2002)
Alanis Morissette - Swept Up (from Chart Magazine) (added 16 June 2002)
Female Musicians (added 3 June 2002)
Alanis Falls Ill On Promo Tour (added 6 April 2002)
True Confessions (added 6 April 2002)
A gentler Morissette flies solo on 'Swept' (added 7 March 2002)
The Woman of the ocean and her lost loves (added 7 March 2002)
Alanis Morissette Offers Love, Shirtless Men At In-Store Performance (added 7 March 2002)
'Under Rug Swept': Morissette Extends Her Decrying Jag (added 7 March 2002)
Alanis Morissette - The Silence Is Over (from MTV.com) (added 22 February 2002)
Well Rounded Little Pill (from SPIN Magazine) (added 13 February 2002)
Alanis, Goo Goo Dolls, Furtado To Rock Olympics (added 5 February 2002)
Alanis Excels On Her Own (added 23 January 2002)
Guest musicians pitch in on Alanis Morissette new CD (added 23 January 2002)
Alanis Doesn't Sweep Herself Under The Rug (added 23 January 2002)
Editorial Review: Amazon.com (added 23 January 2002)
Alanis highlights a sorry Silent Night (added 15 January 2002)
Alanis Calls On Flea, STP Guitarist & Others On 'Under Rug Swept' (added 15 January 2002)
In The Studio - Alanis Morissette (added 9 November 2001)
Morissette Performs for Group of Students (added 18 October 2001)
Alanis Targeted By Anti-Abortion Group (added 30 September 2001)
Article from BPM Magazine (added 1 September 2001)
Article from Billboard (added 28 July 2001
Article from AOL News
Article from Rolling Stone
Article from Sydney Herald
Article from Ottawa Sun
SFIJ Review
Article from Dotmusic
Article from Sonicnet
Article from Wall Of Sound
Article from USA Today
Article from Bop Magazine
Article from Faces Of Pop Magazine
Article from Spin Magazine
Article from Bam Magazine
Article from Detail Magazine
Article from US Magazine November '98
Article from Seventeen January '99
SFIJ Press release with Alanis' comments on all songs
Review of her Atlanta concert



VH1 Interview (added 23 May 2004)
Alanis On Being a Woman (added 8 October 2002)
Rolling Stone Interview Australian Issue 601 (added 14 May 2002)
MSN Chat Transcript
Interview with Sini L. Man
Interview from TV Hits October 1999 Issue
Alanis' reflections on her new album
Transcript of the SWF3 IRC Chat with Alanis
Transcript of the Warner Canada IRC Chat with Alanis
Interview from the August issue of Q-Magazine 1996
Alanis on the Muchmusic Inside Jagged Little Pill Live special.
Alanis speaks about her new video, "Jagged Little Pill, Live"
Alanis speaks to the Australian Playboy Magazine
Alanis' comment about her new album, "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie"