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This is a poem written by Alanis in August 1992:

No Regrets ... Growth. Give youself credit.
Everybody is different. Their view of you may not be correct.
Does it really matter? Who matters? You.
Who do you love? What do you know that no else knows? Take a chance.
Talk, listen, cry. You know how to laugh. Make a fool of yourself.
Enjoy the highs, appreciate the lows ... they are humbling.
Learn, learn about you. Be aware. Patience. Be Positive. Be hopeful.
Don't ever let anyone destroy who you are and what you believe.
Be open to change and evolution. Accept. Reach out. Ask questions.
Hear the answers. Are they right?
Live for the moment but anticipate the future. A good one. You
deserve it.
Work very hard. Don't stop. Admit weakness ... your strengths will
speak for themselves.
Use your gifts. Yes, you have gifts. Forgive. Let go. Swallow your
But spit it up when you're done to make sure it's still intact
Be gentle. Strong. Kiss. Kissing is wonderful
Keep a promise. Conquer a fear. Don't be perfect, be excellent.
Falter. Balance. Be grateful. Be real
Never give up. Don't be afraid. I believe in you.

Alanis Morissette, (August 1992)

My Friend

You encourage my goals,
And support my dreams,
By loving , accepting,
And believing in me.
You're often quick to praise
And slow to criticize.
Which is why I feel confident,
Secure, and wise.
You're there to share
My thoughts and feelings too.
I'm always myself when I'm with you.
It's a friendship that supposed to be,
One that brings out the best in me...

by Stacey Lynn Medina


All of my untold secrets
Lay buried inside my diary
The mental frustration
And lack of conversation
To say what should really be heard.

Silent nights
And subconscious mind
The secrets
I cannot afford to explain
At the expense of another's perception

But I must release
I know I have gone too far
People already have suspicions
My secrets are too true
The will soon be sought out

by Anonymous


We use to be closer friends
I would bend your way
So we could get along better
Or I was going through your phase
Of organized mentality
Andrea, you're grating on me
You don't understand the things I do
And why
I'd say you haven't experienced "real pain" yet
You haven't come by
Andrea, be careful
Watch yourself
Don't be blind to see
You can be changed by others
Who know they've picked
A ripe one to pick
And who will fall for them
For a change, be stubborn
Admit that you still like her
Even if its not fashionably cool
Andrea, we were better friends
When I hadn't discovered
My real self
Now I know there's a part of me
That is the exact contradiction of you
I found out that I wasn't meant to criticize her
I can accept people
Just as they are
Without contemplating
What the next person thinks

by Anonymous

The Forest

A forest under the reign of shadows
silent, a silver stream flowing into the darkness,
the unknown
I follow the stream, crossing the meadows
towards a new life, I guess
I enter the darkness, but then the light of dawn
reveals the real, true face of this place
Bright and friendly it seems, calm, no haste,
I want to explore the new world, I feel reborn
Many different creatures I see, clearly, now that
it's noon,
I observe and follow the silver stream
and hope not to leave this forest too soon

by anonymous

Darkness Unremoved

A thousand lifetimes was how long you felt you'd known her for.
As though it was forever.
Seduced in the bitter chill of a snow storm.
Darkness hidden by the pure need to survive and hold on.
Her voice the most beautiful sound you'd ever heard.
Her features tragically dark, eyes haunted by a past
she could no longer escape.
Drawn by her strength,
Awed by her unusual beauty,
That left you floundering in the wake of
newfound emotion.
You discovered what it feels to fall in love,
Attracted by a soul, shadowed by a darkness
Forced to make a decision that you never imagined you'd
ever have to make.
Seven days of surviving and seven nights of falling,
Falling in love with her.
Love or duty, the choice was yours and yours alone.
The only one you ever loved,
The only one whose shadow you could not lift,
Laden down by her essence and the storm of
of her past, that would remain a part of her
Unheeding of your own strength
As you reached for her soul
And with the solid strength of rock,
Seeked to find her lightness and her goodness,
To raise her out of her own private hellfires
That burned so vivid in her soul.
The choice made, she was lost to you
Her face no longer a mask of hope,
Features marred by the acceptance of betrayal,
Her eyes followed you,
Even when she was gone,
You see those eyes in the stillness of the night,
As you lay alone, sleep a concept that has become foreign,
And discover that her darkness is now
No longer hers alone.

by Stardrifter

 What They Do For You

You are unaware
That behind closed doors
Where once pale faces sat
Now have beautiful powder-stricken ones,
Enclosing their face in an untruthful mirror.
They worry about what looks good on them,
Their weight, their height, the shininess of their hair
What they do for you-
You don't know
They sit behind closed doors
Trying to perfect their imperfect faces
And you wonder what takes so long
You think its so ludicrous
That they are worried about their looks
But they are longing
For attention
And need the adulation from you
Why are you so resistant to the truth?
They need your comforting
They need your time
They need your patience
They need you
To fill their void
And tell them how
Beautiful they are
When you reply
When they ask, "How does this look?"
And you are open about it,
You wonder why they're so angry
Because you don't know
What they do for you

by Anonymous


I see the glimmer in your eyes as your cross burns within you
as you cross to the other side so eloquently
as you spin in circles and screech and moan and sing your lullaby
i'm here to remind you
don't allow anyone to put you down
your amazing and insightful
with your intimate speech and prfound ways.
so let me here it shout it out let the whole world know you're here to stay
say,"screw all of you...i am who i want to be...i do what i want to do...i live
how i want to live"
say it again,"screw all of you"
you critics with your tongues you cynics with your thoughts you people with
your degree's in life
don't you know that has to be experienced don't you know that means nothing?
and if you're cruel and if you jest you must remember she is the best
roll your eyes and stomp and swear amazing always beyond compare
swing your long hair all around
and play that beautiful noise with that instrument
and sing that beautiful music with that mouth, that mouth that flicked off old
boyfriends that mouth that sooths human souls
you change so slightly everyday but still you remain the same oh yeah yeah yeah
so continue on inspite of what might be continue on through everything
through all the laughter and all the tears continue on through passing years
i will remember always my first glance always imprinted in my mind your eyes
staring through the human body
you are vital you are whole don't stop connecting be proud keep your head up
don't be afraid i believe in you

by Stephanie Ray

Pale Sunshine

What is going on? Come out in the light.
You're not a zombie or a vampire that
can't go into the sun. Always you're wearing black...
you're a mystery that can't be solved.
Are you so depressed and lonely that you'll be humiliated if
someone even glances at your appearence?
(Chorus- You're a pale sunshine hardly glowing bright
...a pale sunshine shining a speck of light
...paler sunshine everyday
...please please pray)
Is half of your spirit washed away by depression and bordess
All you do all day is stare and watch other people play
and have fun and laugh at jokes that you've never heard of before.
Oh how you wanna join in and be a person who has friends
but you're to afraid you'll be made fun of.
You just can't take the pain of every day you want it to rain...

by Kyle

She's Not That

Her name is Alanis. She is two people. One of her is the Alanis
we all would
like to have
a friend like her. One is the one we like yet wonder if
she's alright up there
on stage while she becomes outraged.
But they say she's Ms. I-Do-It-For-Money.
Well she's not that.
But they say she's the girl that has no reason for that music.
Well she's not that.
But they say she's raged when not on stage or singing.
No, no, no, she's definitely not that.

by Howard

Sour Apple

I have a longing to swallow you whole
The juicy red inside down in my stomach
It just seems to be impossible
To get a taste of you without the pits
And I always fall for the sour apples
With their grim faces and shriveled skin
I know they are not good for me
But I just can't seem to let them go
It's hard to see from the outside
Faces can be deceiving
Why would I choose the one that will make me flinch
By indefinable shades of bitterness
And why do I always fall for the sour apples
Their covert ways of masking their guilt
Making me more attracted to their sweet unreality
And I don't know why I always fall
for sour apples

by Anonymous


Lots of hair and angst,
Catawauls of fury and passion,
Provoking joy and rage,
Raising Hell to here,
Alanis Morissette

by Black Cat

 Where would life be without me?

I am seen but never heard.  I come within the
night silent as the wind.  I am but an image
that tells the truth, yet no one listens nor
sometimes understands me.  No one knows my
presents but I do exist.  I know what lies in
people's minds and yet I never die.  I will
always exist no matter what situation. I am
no matter who or where they are.  I am in the
good and in the bad.  I am in the young
and I am in the old.  Time is not a factor
with me because I am invisible.  I will always
be here when people die. I am hope but mostly
I am the true reason why life and everything
exists.  Everything evolves around me but I
am not a common thing people compare me to.
They take my ingenious ideas and use them as
their own, yet they never thank me for the
gift or insight I give them.  I my opinion
everyone is but a selfish person and should
give credit where credit is due...and that's
me!!  I am greater than Einstein, Plato and
all those other philosophical people that
that had lived throughout the centuries.  I
was here way before time even started.  I have
been studied yet I always confuse the scientists
who use people as guinea pigs, and I laugh in
their face.  Can't they understand there is
only a certain limit to where I let people
know who I really am?  All those expensive
machinery won't make a difference because I
always know how to get by them. I invented all
those hi-tech machines people are always thankful
for.  The only thing people are useful for is
to do what I tell them to do and if they do
not,no one on this planet will servive.  I will
always have some way to exist with or without
human kind.  All your petty ideas and inventions
are no use in my world.  I make things better
and more complex, so no one person can exceed
in the things they do.  In the end, everyone
will fail!!  I will triumph over all and out
do everything and anything that may exist
within society. I tell people when the limit
is and they always listen.  The way they were
raised already sets their limits for the
future.  I set everything for each and everyone
person and only an elite few can ever break
free from my power, but I still have the

by Peter Nurman

Only Lies

You may think you know me
But you really don't
What I tell you isn't true
It's all a big lie,
You think I am perfect and secure,
But I'm not,
I am even more confused then you think,
But if I told you that
You wouldn't believe me
If I told you that I couldn't go on.
You would think I was crazy
This reputation that I have,
Tells nothing about me
Only Lies.

by Pamela Jensen


Why can't I feel this pain in my heart,
I'm hurting inside, I'm falling apart.
Why can't I feel these tears from my eyes,
I can't find the truth cause my heart's full. of lies

Why can't I see this knife in my chest,
I can't live my life with this sin unconfessed.
Why can't I see this noose 'round my neck,
My life is made of pieces salvaged from the wreck.

Why can't I taste the bitterness in my soul,
I lived in the darkness, I'm paying the toll.
Why can't I taste the decaying inside,
For years I've worn masks, behind which I cried.

Why can't I hear the voice within me,
It's locked in a box and I've lost the key.
Why can't I hear the words from the wise,
I can't hear my laughter only my cries.

Why can't I smell this blood from my wrist,
My heart sinks lower as I go down the list.
Why can't I smell this rotten soul I burn,
I've sought the help of others...

There's nowhere left to turn.

by Jack Deets


I have been moved by some one I have never
met, but to her I owe an enormos debt. I owe
this all to Alanis Morissette. Tjrough her
wise words I have learned to understand my
self to a greater extent. She has given me
back a love I lost. She has given me back
alove I lost. She has let me see it was
there, and I melted off the frost. And this
was given to me by some one's face I have
never seen, but because of her, I have found,
and I am following my dream. Oh, Alanis, if
you could only only read my simple words of
appecation, if you ould only know that you
were my inspitation. I thank you for this
simple joy I have found, within all of this,
tighly ground together. I shall for ever owe
you an unimajinable debt. Thank you so much,
Alanis Morissette.

by Stephanie


Na casa de sonhos os barulhos pareciam ter poderes
Podia-se ouvir as coisas mais pequenas
As coisas mais miudas
Podia-se ouvir os passos das formigas
E os seus pequenos gemidos de prazeres

by Maíra Carmo Marquez


At the heart of silence I sit alone
Gray clouds drift moodily over
The vast foresst of emotion
At the heart of sielnce
The blackbird chooses not to comment
Its shadow cast across my face
How long have I been here?
Enduring the moods of the quiet
Ravenous gray-green beast
Peaceful blue water
It becomes all these things
Becomes everything
Until I must stuggle to find
Where it leaves off and I begin
But I can't find it
I an mon longer me
I exist not in my own right
But as a part of the silence
I am imprisoned
Damn you, silence, let me out!

by Mel


Nights of Terror
Winds of Pain
Shadowing Darkness
Rains to Blame
Fellow Nightmares
Calming Terrain
Frightening Shadows
Are all to Blame

Screaming Woods
Shallow Graves
Were Once Pride
Now just Names
Murderous Victoms
Sky`s of Shame
Cloudless Nights
Were all to Blame

Now just a Memory
Now just a Game
Now all Murderers
Are locked up in Chains

by Davin


Frustration because words
don't cooperate with my thoughts.
Can you try to understand?
Impatience for perfection
that's impossible, unreal.
Can you reach out to my hand
and keep from slowly burning
a hole to my heart?
I'm sick of holding hands,
but afraid of letting go.
Will you listen?
Do you know?
Time consumed, although
time is fake.
It flies, as we try
to keep up the pace.
Watch me as I climb this ladder
and make sure I don't fall off.
Brush is poised over black and white,
ready for a splash of color.
Flip the switch, dark to light,
slowly change me to another.
Sometimes I feel empty,
as the world is passing by.
There's a need to look closely,
and afterwards ask why.
Unique colors fill the hole
A Completed picture is down the road.
I look at the canvas and I smile.

by Caitrin, written summer '96

Ugly Duckling

Unique unity of mind,
a victim of deride.
Just another pattern,
to itself it can't confide.
Simplest of simple,
to answer "who are you?",
but numbers are unable
the answers are untrue.

Each wave upon the shore
is no different from the next,
and lullaby tones
drift one off to sleep.

Decaded adornment
is dated and new.
A revealed crescent
is actually blue,
while concealed is real,
it knows what it feels.

Rippled reflection if mirror image.
Treasured keepsake never forgotten.
Identical future, identical lineage.
Do you see her? Do you hear him?
Naturally blind and deaf to the blend.
Who do you see, dreaming at the end?
The Ugly Duckling becomes a swan,
and yet it never changed.

by Caitrin, written in Fall of '96


Everyone is asleep.
No-one says a word.
Makes it easier
for me to think.
Retreating into my mind
where the real confusion lies.
No-one knows the how's or why's.
What goes on deep within
my eyes, my heart, my soul.
My secrets wear me thin.

Solitude, my only friend,
no judgement will it pass.
Forever through until the end,
the only thing left last.
Solitude my source
of union with the world.
Irony, it is the force,
of all the things I've heard.
Solitude will not compete
with every word or way,
but has the power to complete,
before i think to say.
Solitude, i'm not alone,
I have myself always.
Had not the star
that shone on its own
as beautiful a face?

by Caitrin, Jan '98


i probebly loved you
but i didn't know how to tell you in words
i probebly loved you
but i was scared you don't want me

passing by your house
checking if you're there
today you have someone else
do you remember me?

i probebly missed you
here i am, crying here alone
see you in another lifetime
if you recognize my broken hurt

passing by your house
oh, i miss you bad
today you have someone else
kissing you instead of me

i probebly loved you
but i didn't know how to tell you in words

by ???

"A supermodel"

majorly obsessed with how small your hips are
majorly obsessed with the worlds intepation of who you are.
majorly obsessed with how many lovers you can get.
sad life styles to lead what a mess you are.

but im suffering from you you've caused all the men to think that youre their only fantasy losing them to you you losing you to them love that will never be around long youve created their wantings of sexual encounter with you so dont complain just live with it

verse 2:
dark brown lipstick black lined cats eyes hiding behind the truth of your appearence holding inside a conceited mad child who's fustrated if they didnt spend the night right if they didnt get f***** last night

chorus repeats

i cant find a guy who doesnt have a supermodel taped to their bedroom door.
i cant find a guy who doesnt have any intentions of hitting on you.
but if they only knew my desire would love them right theyd be coming left and right but youve installed a one track mind in them they love you blind.
but if thats how you think love should be than youve definitly sold yourself short your living in self obsession with yourself you conceited b**** but who am i to say? but its the truth that you dont want to hear about yourself

chorus repeats

by Jennifer


Tight spaces, small corners. There's no way out of this little box world. I feel insecure wanting to reach for an unreachable point somewhere anywhere but here. Ready to burst through my cheast and wanting to get out of this small box that I'm in. Thrashing around ready to break ,knowing that point I'll never reach. The pressure is unbearable in my chest and I'm almost done. Not seeing or knowing what is going to happen. You see now it is over for me.

by Laura

Help Me

People treat me
I canīt do what I want
What are all the rules for?
I feel used my people I donīt know
I feel alone
Am I?
Is there anyone crying when Iīm gone?
I donīt know
I sometimes wanna leave it all behind,
break free and start again from the beginning
Is there a second chance for life?
Hey you! Another ticket please! I wanna try again!
I messed it all up
Does anyone hear me?
Does anyone wanna listen my cry?
I gotta hurry up or Iīll lose orientation
Donīt leave me alone - help me - I need you
Help me find the way out of this labyrinth

Is there an exit?

by Alexander


I've touched the sky but never a lovers thigh
I have touched a burning flare
but never a lady's silky hair
I have touched the empty space
but never a caring face
I have touched the feet of sin
But never a lady's smooth skin
What is an embrace?
What is a loving face?
My secret dreams hunger to know
what is a lover
My open ears long
To hear a happy song
My weary eyes would die
To see a clear blue sky
My cold hands quiver
they need the touch of another
Beneath my hands of steel
there is a boy who can feel
beneath this seal of steel
I remember what is real
They layer of steel over my soul
grows thicker and drives me into a hole
in this story of no hope
how am I expected to cope
when this seal of steel keeps me
from what is real
when it keeps me from love
and the sun up above?

by J.S. Bernard

The Path To Freedom

The path to freedom lies before me
Shining and glimmering in the moonlight.
Steam rises from its depths
Remind me of my sister.
Her soft sigh when she was confused,
Her piercing screams when she was angry,
Her ability to handle all of the pressure
With her head high and eyes open.
But then the stress of other teens
Entered her life and she lost everything.
Her joy and happiness,
Self-confidence and personality.
Her life took a dive
Into the depths of the steam,
Her problems had gone further
Than rock bottom.
She turned to self injury
To comfort herself.
She cut to discuise the emotional pain
Hiding inside
By inflicting pain outside.
She was sexually abused
By someone very close to her,
Her precious razorblades
Were taken away
In hope that she would find herself
But she turned to something else.
We hardly ever saw her after meals
For she was usually in the bathroom
Forcing herself to throw up
Or taking Laxitives.
Nobody noticed that she needed help.
All of the problems she had to face
Were too much for her to handle alone.
I wish I could have just held her in my arms
And told her everything would be fine
But now I realize it is too late
For her soul has left the world of the living
If only I had realized That she needed help
Maybe she would be standing beside me
And we could enjoy the natural beauty
And take the path to freedom together.

by Pamela Jensen

Unknown Watcher

Are you fullfilled?
Or are you hungary?
Are you saving all your money?
Are you hurting deep inside?
Are you swallowed by your pride?

When your sitting all alone
When your feelings have grown and grown
Are you a person just like me?
Or are you filled with apathy?

I look at you as a friend
I'll be there till the very end
I was sent to watch over you
But you don't even have a clue

I know where you are every night of the week
I know when you have reached your peak
So when your scared and in the dark
I'm thinking of you in my heart

by Danielle Schultz

Excused With A Smile

presence- pacing/lingering
a mutated fish in a polluted pond.
been up all night- squirming/searching
for a place to breathe. drowning
amongst- oversized shoes/abandoned baggage.
powerful Oz- initiator/ender of all,
pop off the screen. the vacancy light is on,
can't operate alone. open your hand to the royal flush,
bargain the subconscious. reaching
the end of your reign. advice destructive, grabbing
something sharp, while cut by compliance. enough,
not the first to be abandoned. take the privacy
sign off the door, let eyes encounter the swells, grant
the burden of the bruise. you say, "they don't understand!"
they say, "you can beat this." you are mother's child...
daddy's little girl.

by Katrina Lucido


of hole moments
caught on film forever
they will be in your heart
they shall remain

by Shaun Paull


Music to my
Ears. Joy beyond
Imagining. Two hearts
Pusling as 3 in 1.
Believe the lie
Or follow the truth
On the roads that
THEY give you.
Either way, I get
There before ye.
I will be
Because I am.
You will be
Because I am.

Winter in the
Homelands. Cold
Makes hard soft,
Light brings cool
Warmth. Joy makes
Babes cry and men
Weep for the ken
Of something greater
And less than

Make sure
You remember
The lesson I gave you
Under the weeping
Tree. The willow of
Your soul and heart
Of my heart. Breathe.
Hold, you may not
Walk, but do come in.
Try as you might, live
Life, die death, you
Cannot see past the
Dazzle of the real
World. Tor there are
Far better things (Breathe)
Through the gateway.
-The mother into you,
She glows within the
Human shell that
Dares to draw her
In. The power to
Do or do nothing,
The love of a woman,
And a man in one
Being. Breathe. Both
Forces becoming-
To those who would
See it so-Life.
Breathe no more.
It is done.

by Erik Williams

Black Butterflies

hold my hand to my face the darkness impenetrable can't see my fingers nothingness illuminates like a star in space how incredible
In my stomach black butterflies tie knots loop to loop endless unable to stop fluttering razored wings frantically whats being tampered with inside of me
i stand on the edge of me how do i jump? clear the abyss of self depravity skies are so dark shielded by invisibility millions of black butterfly wings falling like sharpened rain tying the knots tighter flying higher to another state of pain

by Adam Davies

The Desert of Hallucinations

ponders his mind
While he sat there
motionless in
The desert of hallucinations
The wind blows thru his hair
As he begins to laugh hysterically
at a sandstorm in the distance
Far,far away his mind has gone
He looks all around and does not hear
a sound
He now starts to see
different colors in the sands
while in his pale white hands
They change from blue to red
He thinks this peyote
has gone to his head
From red to blue
the sands fall out of his hands like
the sands of a hourglass
For his time is almost up
So he sits motionless
without a sound
In the desert of hallucinations
he can escape into his
mind,body and soul
Now that the intoxication is over
it's time for
the desert of hallucinations
to take over.

by Shaun Paull

Global Tranquillity

the reality of the world
the ties that bind you
to the real realm
all your prior customs
peace and the mind
them into a new soul
a new human spirit
the thoughts of
global tranquillity

by Shaun Paull

Pebbles On The Road

Pebbles on the road
is like the sands of time
One minute your on the road
of life
Next your in the mud of
Pebbles on the road
Can you see your destiny
Can you see your fate
Can you keep going at this rate
Pebbles on the road
can you keep carring this
load on your back
For soon you may have a
Pebbles on the road
Hold on alittle longer
live alittle stronger
Pebbles on the road
Your time is short
so live to experience

by Shaun Paull


Thoughts of disappointment dwell in my mind
not sure anymore of what difference this life
will make. Getting more ill day by day
I fell my energy depleting
and my soul leaving with each passing hour.
With all these false hopes and dreams
I have tried to accomplish.
I still see no reason for my being here.
What signs must I follow to reach this
journey of peace, love and serenity? Is all
this falsified information needed within this
life time? Values that people place on
themselves just prove unreal and is no more
then opinions of the mind and body.
Just living in this fake existence
why must I endure it? I am not sure now at
this current sate of living. If my
beliefs are true about soulmates not having
limitations then I must be losing faith
in everything. I cannot help but fall within
this disrupted and corrupt world because
I to am human in nature. I know my
soul speaks true and lives the
ultimate peaceful life.
I believe that I am the only one who is
limiting this soul to progress to its
fullest potential and state of
mind and beliefs or is it my human
mind that corrupts my true train of
thought which is truly limiting myself?
All this talk about going to college is
absurd, achieving a piece of paper to
tell you how great you can be in this
life while life itself is it's true school
and experience is the way of life.
The only true reality is the reality
that nobody can possibly understand.

I am reminded of a song sung by the most
purest of souls  Alanis Morissette which I
believe is the true definition of life itself
who's song is "You Learn" sung on her JLP
album which I believe is true when it
comes to the big picture of life.
Through this song and her whole album
I have reached an added understanding
of myself and life with her positive energy
which she emits from all her songs which
is truly spiritual and her heart warming
and for this I thank her.

This poem is dedicated to:
Alanis Morissette

by Peter Nurman


Give Me more time
I am only young
I'll have it set in my mind real soon
Just need a little time
I don't know who I am
I veer away from who I am, with a certain...
I don't know arkwardness
acceptable to myself
Is what I want
Is what i need
I want the glory and fame
maybe then people will like me
love me at last
I want to walk down the street
and people will faint when they see me
I just want respect
a gentle touch on my face
breath on my neck
not yours though

by Andrew Butler


you're always wondering
what this is all about
why things they way they aren't
and aren't
and why they can't always be the way it should be
if you ever wanted to know
what all this is about and for
just look around you
and be there for one moment
it's about time
it's about trying
it's about love
it's about happiness
it's about sadness
it's about triumph
it's about hopes
it's about dreams
it's about beauty
blue skies that bring tears
it's about joy
it's about freedom
it's about you and me
but not exactly

by Warren


you came to me
almost in my sleep
you came to me when I needed you most
but was expecting it least
I wanted to runaway
but you took me in and loved me
stood for me all the way
I took you seriously, and into my heart
and you brought a love and light to my life
I'd craved all my life
you were my support to jump beyond myself
I'm forever grateful, never the same for you

by Warren

I Feel

If I said I didn't feel slighted
If I said I didn't feel scared
If I said I didn't feel lonely
My words wouldn't be totaly truthful
If I said I didn't feel angry
If I said I didn't feel empty
If I said I didn't feel sad
I wouldn't be being entirely honest
If I said I didn't feel confused
If I said I didn't feel sheltered
If I said I didn't feel pressured
I think I'd just be lying
But I think in the end if I said
I feel happy
I think for once I'd be telling the truth

by Rachel


My heart wonders when
To ever beat again
And my heart will beat often
When I'm in love with you
Any time you're lonely
You'll never find me far
Cast your prayers with mine dear
And I will be near
My heart wonders when
To ever beat again
And my heart will beat often
When I'm in love with you.

by Jim Boucher

My Shadow

Anger is my shadow for scattered is my soul
And it's the world my shadow chases
Our own beauty taste so sour
Your voice colors our ugliness
I'm haunted by two different melodies
As a young Melanie reaches for my arms
Blinded by the lies I breathe
I march my way through London town

"Bold and beautiful are we?"
Whispers a lady whose face turned pale
None of us really knows how to be
But we damn well better pretend
We cannot win, therefore we all lose
Dark is the night for endless was the day
"The nations are all set to shoot"
Came across last night on telly

The shallow warriors of love robbed my heart
Left me wanting to believe no more
As united as a broken vase
We burned the sun and sunk the shores
Andy has closed her eyes again
We all will for we have sinned
The childish wars that we create
Will have to stop to see where they begin
We all drown in this torrent of fear
The knife of hatred has killed once more
Anger is my shadow, for shattered are my dreams
This simple flood has grown into a storm

by Andrea Hebert


I loved you a day
First you liked me too
But then you pushed me back
For no good reasons
I dont know how to say it
But I love you as much as
You love

by Sebastien Bellerive


Looking up at the sky, i pray for a better day.
Nobody seemed to answer my prayer as i walk into the crowd.
Pointing, Mocking, Bitter people.
They hate me.
Am i really the abnormal?
Is it me they're pointing at?
Glancing over my shoulder.
Very insecure.
Hoping for no mistake.
Someone pushed me down.
Staring down at me.
I'm the loser.
Faces around, laughing at me.
Hold back the tears, try to stay tough.
Choking tears force me to let them loose.
People laugh harder.
Does it matter?
I guess not.

by Serena


The odd ones,
They're so strange to you.
The ones that look so lost.
They're the ones who have experience.
They know the hard life.
They've felt the pain.
They know what it's like alone.
No one to turn to.
No return, no turning back.
Stumble and make fools of themselves.
Others walk away from them.
The odd ones.
They're strange to you.
Their obscure faces mystify you.
Yet, you leave them be,
Not caring.
Careless of how the tears have stained their faces.
Caring not about the odd ones.
They're strange.
Because you surpassed the chance to know.
To unveil the obscure.

by Serena

My Only Comfort

Midnight closes in
I feel it settle
On my limbs
Stiff, Sore, aching limbs
Aching from tortureous days

It begins to unfrl its self
It crawls beneath
Around me
Taking over

It casts Daylight aside
Like some forgotten friend

And the moon which shines
With uneartly stolen light
Stolen from the day
Is my only comfort through
darkened nights

by Kevin Mather