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I Will

I'll give, be bought & sold to the highest bidder
I'll provide some comfort, some words, some lust to be yours
I'll give my last ounce of ambitions, my strength when your burnt
I will....

by Zephrum

His Life

Waking up half past 6 and he feels like shit,
almost as if a 35 year old imflamed prostste pins you
down and forgets who you are, yet you keep thanking for
all hes done.
The day is gone and a productive nite ahead filled with
casual sex, supposed friends, & a high priced drug named love,
"who needs love anyways", he says as he remembers the good ol days
where he was young, dumb, & full of cum,
-no worries, no regrets.
His mother must be proud...
That his life, hes in survival mode, this is how you
can get to know him better, these are some of his flaws, this is his life...

by Zephrum


A world full of war,
Terrorism, fighting and more.
What is it worth?
An explanation is owed to planet earth.
What is the cause for all the pain and the strife?
No longer natural, this thing called life.
Only a memory, a distance voice,
With death in the air, the world has a choice.
Echoing off the walls, is too much to bear,
A place called paradise; I wish I were there.
That picture in my head, and voice in my ear,
Something is telling me that war is near.
Too much love lost in this place, the walls are closing in,
Unhappiness is around the corner, blood boiling to the brim.
With the deepest anger and the pain, it's looked upon in disgust,
To those 'leaders' must we give our trust?
Come take my hand, follow in my strides,
I want to find a brand new world, an opener to some eyes.
If everyone chose to think like those, attacked them from the back,
We'd have some dirty players, good people we would lack.
When the earth wakes from her nightmare, an almighty mess,
Hopefully this will change, waking up in dream world, no more distress.

by Terri



by Mike


devilish man chanting his tongue,
did terrorism make bombs.
Life's temptations dismantlers.
Chanting Chanting I'm god.

We search as unlaid ghosts return
sniper strikes sirens sing.
Tortured mines reeking thunder,
regions unmapped al qaida.

history laden with frail fruits.
Ozone layer poisonous seas,
dispensing of us as we sleep.
Approaching with lust for power.

Recklessly rapeing mother earth.
Dehydration of human spirit,
have we laid there courses?failed.
Chanting Chanting I'm god.

by F W Pratt

Pseudo Grown-Up

I entered the room to find myself alone
You had already left and closed the door.
I looked around, there was nothing there
So I opened a window and tried to escape.
I didn't know how to react (God, you confuse me so much)
I didn't know what to think (Gosh, you've destroyed my inner voice)
I tried to follow you
But you wanted to be as away from me as possible
Guess I should've known this was the consequence
Of falling in love with you
A man without a face
A man without a voice
A man who couldn't stand for his choice
I now know I don't need this
I don't need you at all
I deserve much more than your blood.
(it's unfair I want you still)
God you confuse me so much
Come on , make up your mind
You're just another hypocrite
Playing the role of a grown-up.

by Carolina Gonzalez

Reflection Of My Imagination

You think of me as your sexual chocolate.
You remember me as a pretty face.
You never imagined what I was up to
you'll never understand why i left

You invited me to your place and showed me around.
There was only a bed, who did you think I was?
You let me down, you made me want to cry.
I had put my self-esteem in your hands
..and you just tore it up...

Every step you took was detrimental.
but i had already come to terms with your emptiness
Every move you made was fatal
but i had built an impenetrable wall around myself.

I'm a reflection in the dark
a reflection of what i once wasn't, but now I am
You made me grow so fast, you hardened me inside.
You made me change so much i didn't even realize.

You're not to blame for who i am
i'm only a consequence of my actions
a result of my decisions
a reflection of my imagination.

by Carolina Gonzalez

The Society Anxiety

Take a look
Beautiful is how it's described.
Look further,beyond the landscape.
See the creatures moving around,
Destroying everything in sight.
Soon they may be found.
What will they do then.
Who will they blame for their mistakes?
Lies, power, money, nothing.
They see you,
They take a look at you like your nothing.
They judge you like it's nothing.
Do they see what they do,
They take a look around,
They take a look around,
Beautiful is how they describe it,
They wont look beyond the landscape.
Not letting anyone in.
Is it in fear or jealousy?
They wonder who they are,
They all have American dreams inside their heads,
But they are Australian.

by Tracy Smith

Thank You

Thank you for helping me, for always being there
Thank you for listening when others didn't care
Thank you for you smile, you laugh, your joy
Because of you it's my life I can enjoy

Thank you for the assurance and comfort you bring
Thank you that you're someone I can tell anything
Thank you for supporting me, no matter what I do
Because you're special to me, and I love you

by Rachel Cunningham

Why I'm Really Here

Im really here to mend your unresolved problems
To help you cope with how beautiful you are
To stop your self destruction
To make everything fine & okay, - I know the hurting
I'll be the one to come to, when your spent, when your less of now

I want it just as bad, like you said

I'll be all the things you want me to be and more
It burns inside me, I haven't felt like this in a long time
It scares me so much me so much I could die
It's just to much, to already know I have these feelings,
feelings I can't not hide

by Zephrum


Seeing you
Across that crowded room
Filled my body with nostalgia
Like a furious rage of fire
It engulfed my being

All I could do was stare
As the memories flashed before my eyes

Paralysed when I saw you
Numb when you touched me
In love when you acknowledged me...for the very first time

by Luci

Words I'll Never Say

I'll never mention how I was extremely attracted to you, while
scratching my insecurities
You were beautiful
I'll never say of my peak hours of promiscuity, attention was in need
I'll never tell 'the thoughts' of sleeping with you, "I had my chance"
I'll never tell of all the wrong and misunderstanding relationships I've had,
for fear of you judging me, -understanding you were well at
I'll never explain how I though I was no good for you,
I'll never tell you, that I will break your heart some day, not intentional
I'll never tell you that I've used you solely to get-off with
I was a bottle of mixed up emotions, excess baggage, with a hint of
But you were great, and I didn't want to mess 'us" up
'Us' is what I thought a lot about for awhile, when I might of kept it
from happening and Im sorry
-Words Ill never say, but Im sorry

by Zephblue


To whom it may concern-
I put you up so high on a cloud,
You put me so low, you almost forgot about me

I think you should be gone, away from me so I wont fear
before another hand at my face

I thought I would start over, to pursue you later to be abused & misused
for money to support your habits, and to think you loved me
and to think you cared
and to think you were the one

So when I leave, and when Im gone.
I hope you'll see that I was here
God knows you need help beyond repair, because I've tried
Ill say goodbye

by Zephblue

Too High Up Here

There once was a man
he said he had a plan
said he wanted to get real high
when he got there he saw
there was much more in store
and so then he started to cry
it's too high up here
It's too high for me dear
and I wanna come back down
it's too high up here
it's too high for me dear
and I wasn't mean to wear this crown
no one ever knew
what's inside of you
no one ever tried
but oh man that's just fine
how could you be free
when you have to be
somewhere where you're not
almost all the time
it's too high up here...............

by Irony

Serenity Sought

Much seen, much heard
yet much never said
secrets in silence
visions of might
all stored away
more and more as each day comes
more and more as each day goes
none released through the mouth
with time all come through the hand
The Creator!!!!!!!!!

by Irony

Will Love You Always

I love you because you're you.
I love you because you're radiant
I love you because of your great mind.

To all you are a great singer but to me you are more.
I see you as an Angel of Heart, an Angel of Light but most importantly an
Angel of Music.
I am not sure what it is or what it could be.
I love you all that you are.
I see you as a beautiful person, somebody's daughter, sister, lover, and a a
talented performer.
These above all things that are things based mainly on physical description
of the "outer world self" (my words).
The "one", the "true me"; my trueself, sees an unending, peaceful, serene
soul, a light that spreads throughout the universe, healing, loving and
being. Ah yes, that 5 minutes of just being, how I crave that at times.
Wishing how I can spend those 5 minutes with you. The energy I would feel,
what freedoms would I encounter if I am with you? What love would be reached
and at what level?

Through songs, interviews, movies, I desire so much to see what it would be
to experience you. The freedom which is gained from a lover, how I often
wonder. Embracing one step to that freedom but not quite yet to that state
of mind would could be accomplished.
What powers would I experience, what energy would flow to me through you?
Pondering the very thing that makes me more attracted to you. Wondering will
you let me gain that freedom, just a taste to reach that state of Nirvana.
To be held once more in a woman's arm, not as that of a mother, but that as
an entity, an entity of light and of heart. It there be a chance or could
this be a disappointment, like it always has been or will I atleast know
what it means to be "free" with a lover if only for those brief precious

by Peter Nurman


Perhaps yesterday we would have sat in opposite positions
and that would have been good?              
i like you (By indefinable shades of bitterness)
i dont understand you, but who has the mind of their family abolish them when their daughter was young
Perhaps today we will see the truth of how we could sit up here, in this room, by the bed, across the hall
and you wouldn't believe me
cos i like you

by Todd

In This Moment

Silken waves of assuring light
Break the silence
Break the night
Dusty pink and fresh, crisp blue
Explode instanteously
Introducing the day anew
Sounds of life sprinkle the ear
Glow of beginning replaces fear
Hope fills emptiness
Warmth fills cold
In this moment, what could be old?
In this moment, life can be retold
by Donna L. Bates

I Want To Live In Peace

When day breaks i can`t sleep anymore. I don`t know if
its madness or a reason to run. Nobody imagines how I
feel inside. I have emptiness.
That I cry nowhere I fake well-being what i don`t wish
for others I know very well to observe differences
inside like disguise. I`m not the same.
I open the door and I don`t know if I`ll be back certain
steps repeat steps and  today it`s been for more and on
one side a robbery on other death.
and i wonder if my way... if my way is really that I try
to walk with my heart but my legs are too long and fast.
I wanna live in peace follow my heart.
That`s disturbed by the curve. Pulse of danger step
strong and fast I feel my weakness and fear on the tough
concret I feel anxiety and worry( on every corner).
The day by day obligates me to dance with the song I try
to dance with the heart but the music is too fast.
I wanna go home, and I want to get there.
I don`t want an uncertain path. I want to live in
peace... But the peace I search is too long to find. I
don`t know how many steps i have to do, but an uncertain
path was made for whom keep its courage in challenge...
Uncertain path the worst and the the best... I realize
now what it have to do with!

by Denilson

Peace and Awareness

The comfort of crushed earth
is warm beneath my feet
The rumbling of the ocean breaks the silence
of this delightful April heat
The wind sweeps in briskly
with a chill upon its wing
These ever faithful tunes
invite my spirit to sweetly sing
A song of hope and faith
with a silent longing for romantic love
The idea of loving arms around me
fits my heart like an elegant lace glove
In the absence of my soul mate
this single soul has found a place
Where truth and expression frolic, allowing
peace and awareness to shine upon my face

by Donna Bates

Misty Eyes

Why should I stare out that window?
Who really wants to watch it rain?
All it makes a person feel is gloomy.
I see that the clouds are putting on a show.
To me it doesn't seem as if it's in vain.
The clouds are just taking care of me.

I don't have to cry
Just look at the sky
It's shedding the tears you see
No need for the pain
Nothing wrong with the shame
of hiding my Misty Eyes.

I like that the wind keeps blowing.
It makes it hard to see.
Harder to see a melancholy heart.
Just like it's a muddy river the keeps flowing.
You can't see the fish that tries to flee.
But no one thinks like that anymore.

Maybe I should just let everyone think.
Let them think it's just an imbalance.
But no one ever thinks it's caused by them.
Could that be the true missing link?
Loneliness possibly caused by malice.
Whether they know it or not.

Even so.

I don't have to cry
Just look at the sky
It's shedding the tears for me
No need for pain
Nothing wrong with the shame
of hiding my Misty Eyes.

by Amber

She Is

She drove all night just for getting me completely,
honestly I never tought that she could love me
I never tought that I could so happy
I'm not twister I am truly in love
flyin' again over ya I spread my wings and soar
just for feelin' myself free,
whenever I think about your words I'm so helpless
she is the reflection of my dreams
and she is so amazing,so amazing inside
I can't stop to say "I miss ya"
All night long I pray for your coming back,Here you are.

by Pas

Our Graduation Day

we would gather around all in this one room
engaged with dialogues with eachother
not a swearing word or even a disagree
we would  respond to eachother
we would allow ,forgive and please
we would accept and admit
and would reachout and speak up
coz this is our graduation day
our ideal day through school days
end of a long journey with great benefits
we would open our arms
put them up in the air
never look back
we would all speak up
we would all be heard
we  would all feel seen
we would hold close   let go
coz we will feel eachother in our hearts 4ever

by Nadia

It Makes A Difference

It makes a difference in my life, to know that you will come and say goodnight.
To know that if I  have a nightmare, you will wake me and show me the light.
By talking. By listening. By understanding. By taking me seriously. By looking at me when I talk to you.
You make a the cloudiest day look clear and bright, and I feel like I owe
you something... and wish I had something beautiful to give you back. But I
don't. And yet you don't seem to care. You are just there for me, and never
get tired of my dramatic stories, or of listening to my worries and
Yet I hope you are not doing this out of pity of the situation I am
currently living. Because that I cannot accept. That I cannot take. I just
wish with all my heart that you like me for who I am - yet my selfconfidence
seems so low right now that I dont feel that is the case.
I am willing to do anything for you. But yet that doesnt seem enough. Yet I
dont feel I could ever do anything to give you back everything you have
given me. And I feel like I underestimate myself constantly. And I dont
understand the reason for my low self-esteem.
And then I remember... you dont really exist, do you? You are a product of
my imagination. Something my mind has created in my hours of lonliness and
desperation for human affection. Yet you exist. And I see you everyday. But
you will never be who I want you to be. There is no time for it. And even if
there were, this couldnt possibly happen.
Maybe I wasnt meant to leave this place on a high note. Maybe my depression
will make this transition easier. But right now I feel lonely... except for
you. But please dont pity me... please dont hurt me.... please dont abandon
me. Please.

by Diana


My days were filled with sunshine
but the clouds soon rushed on in.
And, soon the sun set distant
as I gazed to blackest of nights that I’ve been.

I remember sitting frightened
by the storm so all alone.
Crying uncontrolled with my face in the
shakiest hands I’ve ever known.

I thought these times aren’t worth the life
that I was born to bear.
Yet, as the tears would pour no more
my heart began to tear.

I pondered my life that I chose
pondered why things went so wrong.
Why my feelings betray me
why I’ve lived this long.

The years have quickly pasted by me
and control I’ve never had.
I suppose this is the meaning
of what made me this sad.

As all hope rushed right past me
as I lay upon the floor.
The emptiness cut clear through me
there could be no more.

Then the time was nearing
I’d show the world my pain.
For the last time I gazed on my world
and saw a smile to end the rain.

by Gary

The Shape Of Sadness

A black cloud, a storm of pain
the song reminds me of you
the shape of sadness, this is me
a bird in the cat's mouth

a tall tree, a forest of tears
and I'm thinking of you
the death of happiness,this is me
A raindrop in the big blue sea

you're gone through the mirror
and it reflects only my body
the night is always here in me
no matter what I see, all is blurry

A deep cave, a hidden place
this is where I'm searching for you
the lord of the fire, this is me
a ray of light in the darkness

A wet pillow, a secret dream
and my mind is bleeding inside
the dreamer of life,this is me
a wrong word in your vocabulary

by Pablo Peregrina

So Hard To Tell

4 days since I could smell your fragrance
and I already miss your presence.
I was held in the state of uncertainty
on that cold and sober Sunday dawn.
The one-hour long way home
was the most ecstatic hour in my 20 years.
We talked a lot to get to know each other.
And what's more, I brought your guitar, too.
You, my darling had the slightest idea of what I felt.
And frankly, nor had I.
But now I'm aware of the fact,
that I cannot imagine my thoughts and dreams without YOU.

Dedicated to M. I.

by B.B.


Running into it, trying to figure something out
and that something is you
its you
Afraid of what I might see, scared of me
Afraid of what I might hear from you
"The goodbye"
Its all over now, and we're to the end
end of the show, lets all bow
a good performance he gave
He fooled us all, he had me going
my tears fall, its all over now
Holding you, kissing your head
telling you not to go, what will I do
please dont leave me, you close your eyes
the warmth from your mouth travels
My heart stops
The cold sets into your fingur tips
I realized there no more left of you here now
We're afraod of where you'll go
No where I hope

by Zephrum

To See You Smilin'

To far in my eyes to see you smiling'
There you go, with your careless self, no worries,
You were made into a man by your uncle, brother, & stepdad,
Its all sad to see you there, letting go of all that's wrong inside you
as he pins you down, & forgets who you are because he said he loved you
& to not tell, & to do it again, and again, but faster, & tighter

There you go, with your careless self, no worries
you were made into a man by your cousin, neighbor, & teacher,
All sad to you you there letting go of all that's wrong inside you,
as they pin you down, & forget who you are, because they said you'll
be happy, you'll be liked, you'll be alright, it wont hurt, just a little more
as you choke on his shaft,  there supposed love,

To see you smiling'
careless self & no worries, but still a man

by Zephrum

The Hero

Once there was a guy
Who some people called a hero.
He was doing something for a living
That was deemed noble
But only made him a witness
Of the world’s atrocities.

Whenever circumstances called for him
To be more an entertainer
Than a hero
We would cherish
Making old people smile
Children laugh
Or allowing his eyes to moisten
When a hurt woman would cry.

His brother heros
Saw him as weak
For he was supposed to be ‘detached’.
But he was feeling closer
To the wounded
Than the healer.
The gap widened
And soon he felt
Nothing in common
With other ‘healers’.

Reminiscing on
Made him realize
That the hero isn’t the
It is the heart.

Your heart heals people
Not you
Not the stretcher
Not the cardiac monitor
Not the lights and sirens
Not the IV
Not the 02

Jesus Christ, what/how the fuck do you tell
A woman who’s been married to the same man all her life
That he’s dead?
Do you use an MRI machine to do that?

Dedicate your life
To perfect this wonderful
Marvel of ‘technology’
The true hero
Your heart

by Serge


Today is a day I can forget
Can't wait until I get back
Time always seems like forever
When will today end
When will the sun shine again
Why does this happen to me
It's such a catastrophe
Some say things happen for a reason
But taking won't do any good
Please God don't let them go
It ruins my childhood
Sometimes I feel I need to hide
Sometimes I feel like no one's on my side
Sometimes my mask conceals me
A piece of art for all to see

by Huewe

My Best Friend!

I can´t take out of my mind this true: I have
to handle with by myself in my lifetime.
Two faces of a truly reality with a little bit of
selfish kind mask itself on heroism.
`Cause have to handle with itself spend lots of patience living in solitude.
I don´t let myself myself in anytime
I see the same man in the mirror day after day.
Maybe few times but I see.
A little more old, more unseful, more tired, more dumb
More sleepness, nor out of the world, more slow
And more waste. But there´s one important thing
In that situation "How i used to be like this? For Who I´ll confess:
I live by myself for too long just justify What i truly
say in All my life with myself.
I am my best friend

by Denilson

Plenty Of Days Where I Forget Your Name

Its been 4 months since I last saw you standing there with your eyes wide hoping I would come back to you,
Theres plenty of days where I forget your name and thinking of potental past lovers,
I think Ive finally moved on now, I can sleep at nite without my pillow being wet again,
you ask tonite if I might come to you again,
but theres plenty of days where I forget your name and thinking how I can make myself better without you,
Do you have so many regrets, because I do now, they've wasted my time,
this is whats made me okay, to write, & listen to myself.
Theres plenty of days where I forget your name & thinking how I can start again.

by Zephrum


Sometimes, I think you forget about me.. to ask the simple questions like where've you been?
To many anwsers here, & why did I commit to this, What will come of this, & why should I sleep with you right now,
Sometimes, I think you forget about me.. Im always sitting here waiting for your excusses to match your lies, and my blaming you goes on and on, hoping you dont end up like the rest of them.

by Zephrum

Hands Free

You thought I would never let you go
you pushed me a bit to far in my pain
you came drunk and hands were put where
they did not belong
I endured you for as long as I could bare
I tried my best to keep myself happy with us
You came drunk and fists were put where they did not belong
I endured you for the last time my selfesteam was
broken my dreams too
I ran as fast as I could back home
you came and say things like sorry miss you
me too
the misery you are
tried you're best know i have to trie my best
hands were put into place

by Leilani

Nothing That You Seemed

The dream I had of you last night
Was so real I can taste your lips
I can still feel your arms around me
And your hands upon my hips

Your affection was not hidden
And you loved me truly
To your entire family
You proudly introduced me

We went for a walk outside
In the brisk November air
You held my hand so tightly
And picked a leaf out of my hair

You began shyly singing
With that adorable smile on your face
You said my love was warming
And could not by anyone be replaced

Then you took your arm
And put it around my shoulders
Screamed out at the top of your lungs
Love this girl and forever want to hold her

Then my slumber ended
I awoke with a beaming smile
Turned over to cuddle up to you
Realized I was alone in my bed all the while

The smile quickly disappeared
I felt tears well up inside
I jumped out of bed in astonishment
Can't remember the last time I cried

Tried to tell myself
It was just a silly dream
I've already tried with you
Found out you are nothing that you seemed

by Donna L. Bates

Best Of Us

you lose it with me, so wet again like the first time you lost yourself, I remember well,
You hold me close, biting my lip, I felt like God was inside me, saving me from this day, laying exhausted & calm with you, recovering myself
We are so lite in the feelings of each other, forgetting where Iam, numbing itself
I will keep my promises to keep you sane, prisoned like most, will not escape
Keeping me safe from my own ways of attention needed...
the best of us is yet to come.

by Zephrum

Bathsheba Waterfalls

Crazed California
Awake good this morning

Today I walk past fog trappings
Someone throw me a pound
of sunflowers and daisies
Watch me sprinkle
Cleopatra's yellow wing glitter
on this brick road with my person

I beg of you
make me graceful to my call
to sing to hurting soldiers

I hold my hand out
with a Donovan's bandana
Bring peace
Bring a mellow harmony my way
A 2" wing African Migrant just kissed at my face

Another hummingbird
just flew over a red moon
outlined by fire flames
in Africa's hidden wind

Air of fondness swept at my person
Instantaneously the sun begins to rise
buried butterflies just flew up to the sky

Purple mort bleu miniature kites and kittens
crawl on my stomach motionless
before they turn to butterflies

Oh so motionlessly
putting me at ease
As I drink a tall dosage of peppermint water

Brazilian Blue honey
Peacock Royal baby
Genoveva Azure lady
Chased out of town by a fierce tiger
and the thoughts of blood shed

beckon to reason
Why Van Gogh jogs with no ears
I beckon for peace

Be still
Be wise
Bring an end to bloodshed
10,000 centuries of endless old battles

We bathe together innocently
Oh so innocently
in lace fabric
subtleness and sheer madness

Trying to make sense of this senseless battle
We sing
We sing
We sing and sing and sing
but another life just ended

Goodness and grace
Mercy and craving stones
Line our men up one by one
and bring them home

Nancy Griffith says the water is fine
Come girls
Let's spend some time soaking up the sun
In potpourri splashes in this sauna-filled-pond
Rich color of water wash the tears from my face

Grab hold
Oh spiritual air
a grapevine allure
pale swirling strings of fancy rags of yellow ribbons

Let's extend our hands to each other
Oh so gently, Oh so gently

Oh, this scene
Oh, this act
This is a family of women
A circle of musical chimes
and White diamonds

Soft petal pride
We are humble living legends

Black market
Cherokee Man
Medicine man
lend a helping hand
to our trapped soldier

A woman, Women

Beautiful women
Beautiful women humming
Humming in musical harmony

We'll never set ourselves free from life torches
But we live independently
As gracious female soldiers of peace
We bathe in the background
in a protected gentle piece of air

We plow the warm soil of tenderness
A woman is filled with wisdom

We love America so beautifully
We love our fallen soldiers
We love our soldiers

They remain trapped, suffocating and sunk
in the Middle East
Fighting for a lost cause
set them free today

Set my sorrow free


I sing so humbly
Set our soldiers free

by Charanita Witty

Dear Dear

Dear Supposedly Hopless
where's your pride?
Oh darling
you washed it away I see or rather don't
hid in your sanctuary so remote

You seem so keen to give it up
as thought you want to be viewed as hopless
though I tell you to live it up
you answer always
"I can't"

Try and I'll help you
Dear Miss Petrified
Talk and I'll hear you
Miss All-things-put-aside
Walk and I'll guide you
no time to fraternise
Just try and I swear
I'll feed you happiness-buildings lies

Dear Internally decomposed
where's the you I met?
Oh darling
you're not up for a fight I see
but you'd take him by the throat
there's no need to sugar coat

You seem so keen to be obsessed
and yet you live your life around him
though I tell you he's just a boy
I needn't talk at all

Try and I'll help you
Dear Miss no-debating
talk and I'll hear you
Miss self-frustrating
Walk and I'll guide you
but you can't take me
just try and I swear
I'll do whatever I can

You seem so keen to give it up
as though you want to be viewed as hopeless
though I tell you to live it up
you answer always
"I can't"

Dear Miss Lost-Lovliness
You're not the girl I...

by Jamesrox

Pink Umbrella

Drown your sorrows my child, wipe your tears with a sleave of deceit. Cleanse your little heart of the bile fermented in your veins; it’s a new day and a fresh start. Move to the mirror and smile back at your protégé, your creation is your salvation. Place your mask firmly back on before your eyes see too much. Don’t let it singe your tender skin; smear it with a layer of your finest glue. The world is waiting for you; make sure your coat is firmly wrapped around your soul. There’s too much at stake and the rain just won’t let up. Don’t talk to strangers their help is not welcome, they all carry daggers and you never know how deep the knife will go this time. Their torch shines a light in the dark but the cross engraved in the handle will infect your frail hands. Don’t worry no one can recognise you, pretend you don’t exist and you’ll be just like the other ghost in the shadow. Imagine you’re walking on a highway desert with your pink umbrella. You won’t get burnt from that hot sun, just get a little thirsty maybe but your umbrella is oh so cute and it’s what they like best. Let the desert coyotes smell you but be sure they pay well; those bruises on your legs won’t go away overnight. You will need the money while you stay in bed and learn to walk again. The Neon lights keep you up at night anyway so step outside; your fate has been marked on your turf, it’s time to earn your dose of desire for the night. Just don’t leave it too late or the voices in your head will tell you to jump again.

by Steve Jovanoski


I can just imagine what your parents are like. The people who conceived such beautiful, delicate deity. The people who prepared you to live such a full, impressive life. The life that brightens the existence of the people around you, and that humbles all creatures in Earth.

I spoke to you this morning. You sounded cheerful, you sounded full. I could hear your smile, and thought how much I would have wanted to be with you. I love how your voice carries your feelings like a wind carries a dandelion. How when you are concerned, you transmit it. When you are joyful, it only takes to hear a word out of your mind to picture your smile with such clarity, that I know that whatever happens, I will be alright. I feel you next to me, feeling the warmth of my breath in your face, feeling the gentleness of my touch, accepting the invitation to my open heart.

Whenever I close my eyes, I can see your face. I can see your smile, and your peculiar nose. I can see your eyes inviting me to play and dream, and I can see your hair, your perfect, golden hair, and I appreciate the way the sunlight makes it glow gently into my eyes.

Who are you, illusion, who wonders in my mind? Come with me tonight and show me the way. Walk with me through life, but not as a companion, as a light. As a guide. As an inspiration. Stay by my side, don’t you ever leave. Wipe my tears and dust my garments, for next to you I shall never fall again. Walk through this journey with me, join my parade and light my fire.

Do you think of me as the night turns into day and I wish I was with you?

by Xavier


Utter void
Soundless voice
Vacant lyric
Nothing escapes through
Pursed lips
Silent rhymes and
Empty lines
Not one note or melody
How can I be free?
I’m songless

Guitar rests
Untouched, unplayed
Memories unfold of
Better days
As for now the
Dust gathers and
Nothing else really
Matters, just the eerie
Silence in my head
I’m songless

Can’t focus on
Rhythm or tune
When song is crushed
In depths of soul
Buried under messy
Thoughts and sad
Times of night and
Day will come
When music surges up
Flows within, and 
I’ll no longer be

by Annie C

Invitation To Light

Darkness encapsulates the soul
Flaunting its ability to deplete nearly every last drop of hope and delight
In the ordinariness of a life squeezed by stresses or disillusionment,
Deflated by the realisation that self-fulfilment is not within reach
Nor peace a possibility at this stage in the game of life
(Mothers will understand what I mean)

Yet merely a flicker of an eyelid commands power through its
Invitation to light,
as the eyes allow access like windows into my very being,
embracing the call of creation which
Diffuses my small sufferings and dares to defy
Negativity, too much subjectivity
Or inflated thoughts of doom and gloom
Scattered through the day like pepper on a plate

Vision enables me, calls me to scan the horizon from east to west
And to see beyond the boundaries of my existence, while
Everything within cannot resist the rapture of God’s alluring landscape
My lungs expand involuntarily to grasp a fresh taste of salty air
As exuberant waves demand my attention, and I cannot deny
Your existence, Your true trademark of nature
And my all-consuming little life is dwarfed by the wonder of silvery sea and
Sugar-like sand, that cannot be captured in the palm of my hand

And I laugh at the way you designed me to depend on
Your light, as you shine through the sun
Saving my sanity, as warmth envelops me,
Teases me, reminds me that there’s more to this world
Than me, than mine, and yet more of me,
And your cotton-like clouds entertain far more than what I see on TV
And the stones on the beach are pure pleasure to see
I’ll remember next time
When I open my eyes and respond to your
Invitation to light

by Annie C








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