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14 January 2004

Happy New Year everyone! The first update this year is a rather exciting one, as there is news about the new album. The following is taken from the website where it was posted, the source is below. Thanks go to Erwin for sending this to me.


ALANIS MORISSETTE is to release the follow-up to 2002's 'UNDER RUG SWEPT' on April 12.

'So-Called Chaos' was recorded in one of Jackson Browne's studios in Santa Monica and produced by John Shanks (Sheryl Crow, Pink ). The album is set to include the tracks, 'Eight Easy Steps', 'The Grudge', 'Knees Of My Bees' and the first single 'Everything'.

Aside from writing and recording new material, Morissette recently starred in an off-Broadway production of 'The Exonerated' and is set to feature in an upcoming biopic of Cole Porter, starring Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd.

'Everything' will be released on April 5.



More poems to go online soon.


20 December 2003

Hi everyone and a Merry Christmas to all of you. In what will probably be the last update for this year you can check out two new entries to the Fan Section, thanks Anabella and Range for your submissions. No news about the album yet, to my knowledge everything is still unconfirmed, I guess we'll have to wait and see. If the album is scheduled for February, we should see the first single sometime in January though.

I hope all of you have good holidays and thanks for visiting, see you next year!



21 November 2003

Today I updated the Poem Corner and the Fan Section, thanks to everyone who submitted material. It looks like the release date for the new album is really February 2004, so expect a single sometime before that. Rumours have it that the new album will be called "So Called Chaos". That's completely unconfirmed though.


13 October 2003

Just an addition to the Fan Section today, thanks Élodie :)


8 October 2003

According to the new entry in Alanis' official diary, the new album might come out in February 2004.

Alanis has also responded to the newsreports that she apparently said "Thank you Brazil" after a concert in Peru. Here's a snippet of her reply which can be read in full in the diary section of her official website here.

" Something that I had no intention of responding to or commenting on because it was comedic to me was the story about my having said "thank you brazil" in peru. there is no question that i can be a flake like the best of them. I can claim that I'm disoriented, discombobulated, drunk, flakey and all of the cousins of those words in moments throughout my life. The part that inspired me to write however, is not so much how I came across in these misinformed pieces of news that have traveled across north America with such speed as to come across as something that actually happened and matters (neither being the case), but that it traveled around at such speed and with such tenacity with it being entirely untrue. My thought is that if it can happen with something as silly and innocuous as this, that news in general is something best to be considered as a potentially fictitious option, rather than as fact. This is not something new, I've always thought this, but this last couple of weeks, when I've listened to countless people tell me "wow, must be hard to have fucked up in public like that eh?" all across north America, I've really had it further nailed in. (incidentally, I said "thank you, bless you" at the end of my show in peru (the amount of bigness and love in the room floors me at times) and not "thank you brazil")."

In other news, I have been pointed to a few new pictures, thanks to Erwin Arano for letting me know about those. You can check them out in the Concert Section of my picture gallery, the new ones are in galleries 16 and 17.


26 September 2003

Some people lucky enough to be able to go to Alanis' recent concerts have seen her new look and for everyone else here's a new pic showing her new hairstyle:

Alanis' new hairstyle

My comment: "hmmmmm". I prefer the long hair. As always, click the picture to get a bigger version.


16 September 2003

I am happy to announce that I can now offer free email addresses for my visitors. So instead of having something like this: you can have

Easier isn't it? All email sent to that address will automatically be forwarded to your nominated email account. So even if you change your email account you can still keep your definitelyalanis addy. Of course you must let me know so I can update your details :)

This service is completely free of charge and to get your new address or to ask any questions simply send me an .


10 September 2003

According to what was said during Alanis' performance and interview on the "Today" show on NBC on the 5th of this month, the first single of her new album will be called "Eight Easy Steps". Lyrics to this and other new songs will go online as soon as I get the update of the lyrics section done. No date as yet for the album or single release.


24 August 2003

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this update, there has been an addition to the poem corner as well as a submission of an Alanis caricature by Tuncay Erol, check it out below (click to enlarge).

Alanis Caricature


23 July 2003

It seems that the interview that was published in Razor Magazine (see below) never took place and that 95% of the stuff written is ficticious. This statement comes from Alanis herself as published on her official site. Still the photos are nice :)


17 July 2003

Today I have added a link to the link section on the left, the new site is called "The Alanis Couch" and it's a forum where you can discuss just about every topic related to Alanis. These guys are new on the block so why don't you head over there and check them out. Just click on the link above or in the section on the left.


11 July 2003

Well well well, Alanis is touring and so far there are 4 new songs she has written and performed. They are called: 8 Easy Steps, So Called Chaos, Excuses, Knees of my Bees (I don't know if the last title is sounds rather odd to me!). They have all been performed at the concert in Cologne, Germany on the 8th July. The entire concert is available for download here, thanks to everyone involved in bringing these songs to the community!


17 April 2003

I can now present you guys with all the pictures from Razor magazine, check them out in the Magazine Galleries 7 and 8.


16 April 2003

I have been contacted by the Editor-in-Chief of Razor Magazine, letting me know they have Alanis on the cover of their latest issue. Check out the scan below and click on it for a larger version:

For those people who have sent in poems, don't worry I have not thrown them out...they will go online soon. There's also more concert dates to come and some articles too, so check back here in a little while :)


11 April 2003

In today's update I added all the new tourdates, check them out at the left hand side. Also, Alanis has recently won a Canadian Juno award for best producer. For those who are interested in these sort of things, it was noted that she also cut her hair back to her JLP length. Check out some of the pictures below. If anyone from Germany reads this and is willing to do me a favour, I would really like to get my hands on some concert footage that may or may not be shown on German the past some of her concerts were shown in what's called die Dritten Programme (WDR, Bayern 3, HR 3 etc). My contact info is on the bottom of this page :)


25 February 2003

Today, thanks to the generosity of Warner Music Vision UK, I received my copy of the Feast On Scraps DVD in the mail. I have watched it and written a review, which you can check out here.


18 February 2003

Well it's a new year and there's a new article in the article section. Yesterday Alanis' "Feast On Scraps" DVD was released in Australia. I will add a few new pictures over the next few days for you all to enjoy.

The Feast On Scraps DVD was also released in the UK yesterday and it comes with a bonus CD. You can order this package by clicking on the image below. UK visitors can order by clicking here.

The DVD Set Listing:

Right Through You
21 Things I Want in a Lover
Hand in My Pocket
Purgatorying 1
Unprodigal Daughter
All I Really Want
Precious Illusions
Sympathetic Character
Purgatorying 2
So Unsexy
Head over Feet
Purgatorying 3
You Oughta Know
Hands Clean
That Particular Time
You Learn
Thank You

CD Track Listing:

Fear of Bliss
Bent For You
Sorry to Myself
Sister Blister
Unprodigal Daughter
Simple Together
Hands Clean

Last year's stuff has been moved here


Special thanks to my family for their support, without them I wouldn't be here in Australia, my friends here and back home.