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Warner Music Canada Chat Transcript

QUESTIONS:Welcome to the first ever Warner Music Canada Transcontinental Chat. Today's guest is the multiplatinum recording artist Alanis Morissette.

Alanis will be talking to us live from London fresh from the Brit awards where she just won the Best International Newcomer Award. Since this is a moderated channel, please submit all questions and comments to the moderator by typing/msg (your user name) and then the text of your questions. ie. /msg rmorse How does it feel to be up for all of these prestigious awards.

QUESTIONS:Hey Alanis welcome to the Chat! Congratulations on the Brit award last nite. Hopefully this is only the first of many awards to come in the next couple of weeks. Well we've got alot of people here anxious to talk to you so lets get to the questions!

QUESTIONS:Alanis is coming to the computer in about 3 sec. stand by.

QUESTIONS:alanis: which character in the Ironic video do you like to most?(btw, i love your music..and you seem cool. :)
AlanisM: I liked the one that is out the window

QUESTIONS:Alanis, when will you be going back to the studio with Glen?
AlanisM:I've been writing songs on the road..but ultimately I'd like to write the next record in the same concentrated amount of time as Jagged Little Pill. Maybe in the fall...

QUESTIONS:In Forgiven you say that you "brothers never went blind for what they did" What exactly are you talkin about ;)
AlanisM:They used to deter young people from masturbating by saying you would go blind...and obviously my brother aren't.

QUESTIONS:Alanis, are you very close with your brothers??
AlanisM:Yes, very.

QUESTIONS:My question to Alanis is: Since you bacame famous, how are you treated by your old friends?
AlanisM:Depending upon how close I was with them in the first place...Most people have begun to treat me very differently. It's not always the artist that changes.

QUESTIONS:what dong will you perform at the Grammys next wednesday:
AlanisM:I'll be doing a different version of You Oughta Know...a version that brings me back to its original emotion.

QUESTIONS:Alanis, is your name a common name in Canada or is it from you dad's name Alan??
AlanisM:From my father's name and also randomly out of a Greek newspaper

QUESTIONS:Do you like other musicbeside your own, if so who..what group?
AlanisM:Radiohead...Supergrass...Tori Amos

QUESTIONS:Can your fans in ottowa expect and treats when your there March 8th?
AlanisM:I'm the one that will be treated

QUESTIONS:When I was at your concert, there was a lot of moshing going on, so I had to leave the front. Does crowd surfing distract you?
AlanisM:Yes. So I have an announcement made ath the beginning of my shows now that kindly ask people to pogo as oppose to surfing..."surf the internet, not the Morissette, dudes.."

QUESTIONS:How long have you been playing guitar?
AlanisM:For a little over a year

QUESTIONS:How did you come up with the lyrics to the Ironc song? Is there a story behind it?
AlanisM:Glen and I were having out usualanalytical conversation and we ran into a brick wall when it came to trying to find an answer to all the inexplicable and random things that happen in this crazy world...

QUESTIONS:Alanis: My friends and I always argue why you changed your music style..I think it is due to the fact that you changed interest, but some think it was for money..Can you settle this?
AlanisM:If I were to have done it for money I could easily have been severly dissappointed...I changed a lot and had a few very potent spiritual experiences that made me re-evaluate my life and how honest I was being in my life and in my music. I was afraid to be publicly vulnerable before...But now that I write in this stream of consciousness way..I feel out of control of what I do creatively really

QUESTIONS:In "All I Really Want", who is Estells?
AlanisM:Estella is a character in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens..She has a hard time with men to say the least...

QUESTIONS:Alanis: Why does it seem only female Canadian artists get popular in the States? eg. YOu, Shania Twain, Celine Dion...
AlanisM:I have absolutely no idea..Ever heard of Hayden? Watch for him...

QUESTIONS:Where was your Ironic video filmed and who directed it?
AlanisM:Stephane Sednaoui directed it and we shot it in New York

QUESTIONS:Alanis, do you get to see your parents a lot now that you are so famous?
AlanisM:I raely see anybody anymore but they all know I love them

QUESTIONS:I notice in you song Forgiven, you make mention to being Catholic. Is this true, if so, is there any relation to a church or what are your feelings towards the church in general?

QUESTIONS:In "Not the Doctor," what is meant by "mind the empty bottle with the holes along the bottom"?

QUESTIONS:We're having a small technical snag, Alanis is...back!

QUESTIONS:What's the jagged little pill symbolic of?
AlanisM:When someone is dependent on your approval of them in order to "fill them up" or raise their self-esteem you always have to constantly be there for them and continually validate them...they cannot do it for themselves and it can be draining. I was indirectly warning myself to stay away from people that I had to "save"

QUESTIONS:Given the choice, would you rather have people understand the meaning of your lyrics, or simply enjoy listening to the music? Not that the two are mutually exclusive, naturally.
AlanisM:Ultimately both. But I'd rather make someone stop and think or feel...even if only for a few seconds

QUESTIONS:Why did you sign on to Madonna's Maverick label?
AlanisM:Because I was going to be given complete creative control

QUESTIONS:Alanis, do you think that people get over-obsessed with you? and does that bother you?
QUESTIONS:Hey everyone, we're having trouble wiht the connection..please bear with us.
QUESTIONS:Alanis will be with us in a sec...

QUESTIONS:Alanis, are you scared going into the process of recording a new record, knowing that the first one did so well...you know people have these high expectations.
QUESTIONS:People probably see you primarily as a singer--a bard, if you will--but certainly you're a multi-faceted person, can you describe some of the other more important facets of yourself?
QUESTIONS:Alanis, do you feel that your fans get over-obsessed? and does it bother you?
AlanisM:Yes.people have their expectations for my next record...all I care about is that I write exactly what I am and feel and create...freely. I fully realize that I will not always have a number one record. But I am not motivated by that anymore. I am motivated by evolution and truth.

QUESTIONS:Alanis, do you feel that your fans get over-obssesed? and does that bother you?
QUESTIONS:When are you going to tour across Canada?
QUESTIONS:We've got plenty of questions everyone...we're getting flooded...let Alanis answer some that we'ver already got...

QUESTIONS:Alanis says she'll tour Canada in late summer...

QUESTIONS:Alanis says...Connection weird?!!!!

QUESTIONS:It seems that your songs are shooting down some men who have wronged you. Do you tink they are aware of this? Do they say "Oh I want you back. It'll be better this time around. I promise."
QUESTIONS:Alanis: I haven't reallytalked to any of them people I've written about. The song were written for the sake of themselves. But I really appreciate everyone coming by. Thanks for putting up with some of the tech problems. I love you all...

QUESTIONS:Thanks for coming, if you came late or missed the first part of this chat a transcript of the whole thing will be availiable tomorrow at: http://www.warnermusic.ca. If you haven't already why don't you chech out the rest of our site and let us know what you think!

QUESTIONS:Alanis loves you too spot

QUESTIONS:We'll unmoderate the channel and let you all chat now.

[end of IRC]