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[Thanks to Alan Woo]

This is taken from the Muchmusic Inside Jagged Little Pill Live special.

Interviewer: Denise Donlon, New York City, June 1997

Alanis on the Tibetan concert:

"People just need to, become aware...have the information given to them and they can do what they will with it, and I think music is a great way of doing that."

Alanis on Jagged Little Pill Live:

"The main reason for doing this was just to have a souvenir for myself but at the same time I love...I love what it is to be a filmmaker or to be a film making studenet, you know. And I love the cinematography of a lot of the shots, I love black and white, so we just played..."

"I'm the happiest person alive when I'm editing something when i'm on that end of things...and not to say that I don't enjoy performing but I really love editing and putting together the show taught me so much, I was working with some pretty brilliant people."

DD: And you got pretty close to your editor, no doubt?

A: Yeah!! We got really close (laughs)! He knows just about as much as he can know at this point!

A: I think I...whether I've been consciously doing it or not, I've been trying to down-play the celebrity aspect of it, just because the concept of fame is very...i don't know, it's an illusion basically so...as often as I can dispel that illusion, I do, but without breaking my back doing it. But I don't know if I was consciously doing it or not when I was doing this. This was more just for myself - just to get as much footage together as I could of, of...memories.

DD: Yeah...and now you're letting everybody see it.

A: Yeah. I wanted to share it with whoever wanted it, you know. They can get it if they want. If they're over it and not interested, they don't have to get nothing! (laughs)

DD: In the beginning, when you're introducing the guys in the band? There's some very loving...and kinda hunky shots of them.

A: (laughs) Loving and hunky in the same sentence! I don't know if they go together!

DD: When you cut to people asking questions, it kinda gives you a pathetic view of...you know, the similarity of questions around the world and interviewing techniques.

A: In their defense, there's only so much you can ask, without crossing boundaries, you know. there's the curiosity that falls into the same category just because it's music that we're doing.

DD: How important is the whole yoga thing? Is it your tool to center?

A: Yeah. It's just my way of "coming back." And I do get out there and lost every once in awhile so I do need to come back, and I do it all the time.

A: I learned over the last couple of years of what made me comfortable within the whirlwind that was the last two years. I needed to find a way to keep my sanity and that was just being myself, and not only dispelling the illusion of what it is to be a celebrity but dispelling the illusion that society tells you what you should look like as a woman artist. As a famous person, you should look a certain way and, well, some of it is fun. it's also very one-dimensional and unrealistic, I think.

*shot of Berlin underground the venue, shown right after the Head Over Feet song, where Alanis is yodeling in the background*

DD: That shot of the Berlin Bunker?

A: That was the very tunnel Hitler used to walk through and people would get shot on the way to his speeches. So it was pretty intense, that was an intense show. There was some weird energy there. Pretty dark. We're changing the energy there, with all the shows people do.

DD: Good!

A: Yeah! Very good!

DD: There's moments of you up on the screen, the drum sequence at the end when you are so lost, so gone...

A: I've been thinking that lately! (laughs) Just even watching it, I haven't watched it in a little while and I watched it again, and I now realize why I have so much energy now - cause I'm not releasing as much as I was on the road.

DD: You feel like you're getting closer to being fearless soon?

A: Um,...yeah. I mean, I'll always have fears, but it's not so much fearlessness, i don't think any human can be fearless, but I think a human can feel fear and do it anyway. (laughs) That sounds so horribly contrived but you know, feel the fear but do it anyway! Yeah, that's what I do. I feel fear all the time.

A: I'm growing up in my spiritual world and in my personal world very much. I'm actually happy to have the time to do that now because when you're on the road you don't time to do very much other than survive.

A: I'm the happiest i've ever been right now, just taking time off and regaining my perspective and finding out what it is I really do and see who it is I really am even though a lot of this can tend to mess with your head. And It did for awhile but I ...I just...write music and I grow and there's certain areas that I really feel I want to grow more and I just love creating and it's as simple as that.

[end of interview]