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Alanis Morissette On Being A Woman

Thanks to Heather for submitting this to the AlanisFanCircle mailing list


1.What are the most important issues facing women today?

*Encouraging a move away from patriarchy, particularly in areas where women are treated as second-class citizens ­ where they’re forced to undergo genital mutilation or hide their faces and bodies.
*Courageously moving forward against the feminism backlash.
*Empowering each other and not being competitive with each other ­ thinking that there’s enough of everything to go around.
*Supporting each other through our changing roles in today’s relationships, families, workforce and society.
*Stopping our bodies from being objectified or “porno-fied” while still embracing and celebrating our sexually.
*Not giving in to the “beauty standard”.

2.What small things do you do to make a difference?

*I remember that who I am being precedes and dictates what I do.
*I make an effort to understand myself and my humanness, so I can understand and love others to that same extent.
*I try to communicate clearly and resolve conflicts in my own life.
*I contemplate my life purpose as best as I can ­ and allow that to be the fuel for my artistic expression and my day-to-day life choices.
*I give percentage of everything I make to charity or back to society.

3.Which advocacy groups/charitable organizations have you worked with or do you admire?

Equality Now ( www.equalitynow.org ); Amnesty International ( www.amnesty.org ); breast-cancer runs; World Hunger Show.

4.What is your best advice?

Love, love, love yourself first. All goodness and generosity will flow from your full, well-loved cup.

5.What makes you most happy to be a woman?

*The “freeway” that links both sides of my brains is biologically well-oiled and easily navigated, so I’m able to use both sides simultaneously.
*Society conditioned me to use my mind and my heart ­ to carefully listen to my emotions and feelings.
*I am linked to the moon, I bleed every month, and I can have babies. I have a clearly defined purpose, so in the face of subjugation or subordination, the rebel in me has plenty to speak up about.

6.What makes you least happy to be a woman?

7.Who has influenced you most in your life?

*My grandmother, mother and aunt, who all escaped from Hungary during the revolution in 1956: They are examples of such courage, perseverance, grace, optimism, wisdom, and resilience.
*My amazing therapist: Her kindness, ruthless honesty, and insight make the perfect combination.

8.When have you felt most proud to be a woman?

*Seeing mothers with their babies.
*Taking part in creating, or being involved in, communities of empowered women.
*Standing next to the founders of Equality Now, with our purpose aligned, at their 10th anniversary celabration.

9.When have you felt most proud of yourself?

Right now, I’m showing a lot of courage, dedication, patience, and self-love; I’m finally stopping certain patterns that haven’t been good for me. While it’s been hard, I’m already feeling the fruits of my labor.