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IRC-chat with Alanis Morissette - The Logfile

Morissette in the form of the SWF3 Questionnaire. We will be starting with the questionnaire before initiating the IRC chat.

When did you last cry and why?
(Alanis) A few days ago. I was tired and I missed my home. Where did you hear that?

Why is Micheal Jackson your big hero?
(Alanis) Where did you hear that?!?

What do you never leave home without?
(Alanis) My key

How many times do you clean your teeth?
(Alanis) 2 or 3 times

What are you like when your drunk?
(Alanis) Out of fucking control

Who would you like to spend a night with and what would happen to that partner>
(Alanis) Dave Grohl if he wasn't married. And we'd talk about extremely deep things.

What music would you have played at your funeral
(Alanis) Upbeat music...I'd want people to enjoy themselves

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
(Alanis) Figure out where I am

Who was the last person you slept with?
(Alanis) None of your buisiness

Who washes your clothes?
(Alanis) The nearest laundromat

*You're signed to Madonna's Maverick label - did you ever meet her personally?
(Alanis) rezbebrutb

*Hi Alanis. Welcome to the internet. Is the net a common tool for you?
(Alanis) No...I'm actually very apprehensive when it comes to technological evolution.

(bitter) what are your hobbies:
(Alanis) Painting, writing, playing guitar, hiking, talking...

(keil) Are there any plans to release a live album whatsoever???
(Alanis) I'm thinking acout putting together a live album...maybe putting it out on vinyl

(Amico) Have you already made plans for future recordings?
(Alanis) Yes. I write almost everyday...but ultimately I'd like to write it all at once like this last record

(Keil) Who are the guys in your band, they are really great!!!
(Alanis) Thanks...I love them too. Taylor Hawkins on drums, Nick Lashley and Jesse Tobais on guitar and Chris Chaney on bass

(Henry) What do you really think about happenings like this IRC-interview?
(Alanis) It's a good way to be represented properly because sometimes journalists portray you in a way that is often untrue

(Amico) Your songs from you last record were written all at once? Somewhere I've read they were developed over a long time up to now?
(Alanis) No. perhaps you read that I've been doing it for a long time (music). But this record was written in less that 2 months and it was recorded and written all at once.

(Macobby) Will there be a concert at Cologne or near by in the future?
(Alanis) Yes...We're doing a show in Cologne within the next few days...

(Bernie) From which part of Canada do you come from?
(Alanis) Ottawa

*How long will you stay in Europe on this trip?
(Alanis) End of this month, back in spring next year!

*What about the German audience?
(Alanis) Very respectfull so far.

*What is your favorite food?
(Alanis) Steamed spinach

*What do you do after your show?
(Alanis) Sometimes I have a Baileys on ice and usually we hop on the bus and go to next city

*Your lyrics sometimes are a little explicit. Have you ever been criticised for this?
(Alanis) Sometimes people are criticised for being honest and forthright because some poeple have no come to terms with that part of themselves and have a hard time accepting that from others

*Have you had the chance to try German beer and how do you like it?
(Alanis) I don't drink beer

*You hop on the bus after shows. No private jet yet?
(Alanis) No, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

*Did you see anything of Germany than your hotel room?
(Alanis) The Black Forest...beautiful

*Have you ever seen your WWW-page from Reprise Records?
(Alanis) No...They'll probably want me to come by and see in when I'm back in LA.

*Have you any friends in you buisiness exept your band?
(Alanis) Yes. I've got friends in the industry

*Where do you like t ogo on holiday?
(Alanis) I haven't been on holiday since I was 17. But I'd like to go to Hawaii!

*When you listen to the radio and you hear yourself, what do you think about?
(Alanis) I rarely listen to the radio...but when I do hear it, its odd

*Do you have an email-address?
(Alanis) No

*What do you think about O.J. Simpson?
(Alanis) I don't.

*When you write a song do you start with thinking about the music or rather orchestrate your texts?
(Alanis) I write it all at the same time

(SWF3) LAST QUESTION: is this kind of interview less or more boring than a regular one with a fulltime journalist?
(Alanis) This is so much better for me because I get to talk (or write) to you firsthand. Fun.

I have to go now...but this was fun and I'll be back in the spring.

Take care out there everyone...bye

(SWF3) Thank you, Alanis!

[end of IRC-chat]