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The New Album

Please note that this interview was taken from 96FM in WA, Australia.

Intro: Well I had the great pleasure of meeting Alanis Morissette in Los Angeles last week, she's getting ready to release her much anticipated follow-up album to the Jagged Little Pill. It's called...wait for it..."Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie". Now I had to ask Alanis why she came up with such a title.

Alanis:It looked, it sort of, busting my chops and at the same time being quite serious in that a lot of what I've always felt, things like infatuation, things that I thought were just purely emotional, I would always sort of downplay them because I wanted to filter everything through my intellect, and I would always say that I, you know, I wasn't, I didn't enjoy infatuation, I didn't enjoy things that were purely just emotional and so.....the truth of the matter is I absolutely enjoy it [the title]. [laughs] And that's what it was about.

Comment: And Alanis is feeling very chilled out at the moment after spending quite a bit of time in India and you can certainly hear the eastern influences on her new album. You'll be able to get "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" when it's released November 21.