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Christmas Wedding?

ALANIS MORISSETTE's actor fiance RYAN REYNOLDS has hinted they're planning a low-key wedding this Christmas (04) in India.

The couple are heading for the sub-continent so Morissette can film an MTV project, and the VAN WILDER star is quietly considering making the trip truly special.

He says, "We're both a little bit new-age, and a little bit old-fashioned. We won't be driving through any chapels in Las Vegas, that's for sure.

"I'm going to India for Christmas this year. My fiancee is doing an MTV video thing there so we can spend Christmas together. We'll do something special."

Even if the couple do become man and wife in India, Reynolds fears he'll never be able to be more romantic than he was when he proposed.

He recalls, "I flew to Ottawa, 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles, and asked her dad for her hand.

"I had a whole web of lies going that day too because it was near Alanis' birthday and I said, 'I got to go get something for your birthday and have lunch with a friend, so I'll just be gone for a few hours.'

"I was back 12 hours later. Thankfully, he said yes. I was terrified. I couldn't eat anything. Then I flew all the way back to Los Angeles and collapsed down on one knee out of romance and exhaustion."