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Thanks to Geoff Holland

Alanis Morissette 'lets hair down' in Australian club
Monday, 18 October 1999 SYDNEY, Australia (CP)

SINGER ALANIS Morissette surprised club-goers in Sydney's inner city Sunday night when she took time out from a hectic concert schedule to hit the dance floor. Morissette has been touring Australia since the beginning of the month and was scheduled to make her last performance tonight at Brisbane's Entertainment Centre.
Australian Associated Press reported that Morissette on Sunday night "let her hair down" with friends at the new Darlinghurst nightclub in Sydney. Some of the clubbers - apparently convinced due to her music that she's angry and frustrated - were surprised at how relaxed the 25-year-old Morissette appeared to be, AAP reported. They were even more surprised that Morissette seemed to be immersed in dance music, far from the style of her own work. According to nightclubbers who shared the dance floor with her, Morissette was with a few friends and mixed freely with other patrons on the packed floor.
Many of the patrons, accustomed to seeing celebrities in Sydney's nightclub precinct, didn't bat an eyelid and few approached the Ottawa native as she enjoyed her hard-earned leisure time. Joanne Sinclair, from Maroubra in Sydney's south, was one of the few who felt the urge to show their appreciation of Morissette. "I walked straight up to Alanis and told her 'you're absolutely fantastic,"' Sinclair said. "She looked straight at me and said 'thank you very much.' "She is fantastic (and) it was good to see her enjoying herself."