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Alanis Tourdates

Site born on: 18th March, 1997

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30 December 2005

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Went to see The Chronicles of Narnia the other day (great movie) and Alanis' song "Wunderkind" plays during the credits. I like the song (even though she pronounces "wunderkind" wrongly) and it's included on the movie soundtrack. The lyrics are here.


18 November 2005

Some more poems went online and I have taken the video offline, I hope most of you were able to download it.


31 October 2005

Alanis has released a new album in the US called "The Collection" and the first single is a remake of Seal's song "Crazy". No word on whether we'll see the album in Australia or not. Click here to read what Alanis has to say about every song included in "The Collection". As a treat for my visitors I have the video for "Crazy" available for download, thanks for Jennifer for taping it. It will only be up for a limited time so download it now.


13 September 2005

It's been a while - I have been busy with everyday life but I have some time to squeeze and update in. We have two more poems in the Poem Corner, thanks to Zephrum and Denilson. There's a new entry to the Fan Section as well thanks to John and last but not least a new link to an Alanis site based in France (interface is in English) with French translations.

Thanks to Nick from Buzztone I received my copy of JLP Accoustic and will listen to it when I've got some spare time.


15 July 2005

There is an addition to the Fan Section and the Poem Corner in this update. People in Western Australia - check the West Australian newspaper, there is a big article along with large pictures in the "Today" section :)

VH1 have a performance by Alanis of 7 of her songs from Jagged Little Pill, you can check it out here:

According to Andreas from Vienna, Austria, Alanis' new album would have been released there on the 4th July - thanks for the info!


21 June 2005

Hi everyone, as the 10 year anniversary of Jagged Little Pill is celebrated this year, Alanis is releasing the album as an acoustic album and it is available in the US at Starbucks right now. It will be released everywhere on 26 July. You can click on the graphic below to check out the album and have a listen.



7 June 2005

Urgent!! I need a Canadian fan (Toronto fan if possible but it doesn't matter too much) to do an interview about Alanis' new album for a Canadian radio station. Contact me asap!!


11 April 2005

Hi everyone, I have something nice for you. As you may already know, Alanis was recently featured on MTV Cribs, where she showed off her Ottawa apartment. Thanks to Derek who runs Unprodigal Alanis, you can now download this short (just over 6 mins) video. He has the ultra high quality video for download, but at almost 400MB his version isn't exactly 56k friendly. So if you are on 56k dial-up or want to save some download quota, I offer a reduced size version. Mine is 28MB (download takes approx 95 mins on 56k), resolution 352 x 288 and encoded in DivX 5 with audio as mp3 128kb. The file is contained in a .zip file, so you have to unzip the actual video file.

Edit (20 April): This video has now been taken offline.


18 March 2005

Alanis is on tour again. It's called the "Diamond Wink Tour" and the tourdates are:

4/11  Oslo  Spektrum
4/13  Hamburg  CCH 3 / Colorline
4/15  Munich  Olympiahalle
4/16  Cologne  Paladium
4/18  Paris  Zenith
4/19  Rotterdam  Ahoy
4/21  London  Brixton
4/22  Manchester  Apollo
4/24  Brussels  Forest National
4/25  Frankfurt  Jahrhunderthalle
4/26  Furth  Stadthalle
4/28  Milan  Forum
4/30  Ischgi  tba
5/01  Vienna  Gasometer
5/02  Budapest  Palace of Arts
5/05  Hellendoom  Dauwpop Festival

There are 3 new entries in the Fan Section and a new poem as well as two new articles.


22 January 2005

Happy New Year to everyone - I know it's a bit late but hey, better late than never. This year will bring yet another new release for Alanis, it's the 10 year anniversary of Jagged Little Pill and a special edition of this album will be released. Thanks to everyone who helped me with the site last year by contributing pictures, poems and articles - I couldn't do it without your help.

In this update I have included some new articles (thanks Erwin and Joanna) and another entry for the Fan Section. Enjoy.

On a sidenote, apparently some of the pictures that have been submitted have been scanned by Shirley who runs the FabulousFreak site, so credits go out to her.

Last year's stuff has been moved here


Special thanks to my family for their support.